Which Version of s23 Ultra is the Best?

Which version of the Galaxy s23 ultra is the best?

Now that all three S23 versions have been disclosed, Here are their differences: You would have to have all three  Samsung Galaxy S23s analyses to assist you in choosing between the newer models now that Samsung’s 2023 premium phones have indeed been made public. Let’s be with the main topic, “Which Version of the s23 Ultra is the Best”?

It’s also not a simple undertaking. The reference S23 model is the least expensive and will appeal to individuals who value smaller smartphones more than the S23 Plus, S23 Ultra, and S23 Ultra Plus. The S23 Plus does have a possibly appealing combination of power as well as price, while the S23 Ultra provides the most camera systems and the largest screen.

Now, which of these three devices compare to each other across separate classes? Which one appears to be the best worthy of your money? Read on for the complete facts, and don’t miss checking our in-depth reviews of the VIVO Y02S, OPPO F22, Realme C35, and Samsung M13 to learn more about each new mobile device from our perspectives.

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All Platforms

  • All Specs
 Samsung Galaxy S23 Galaxy S23 Plus Samsung S23 Ultra
  • Price at launch
USD $799.99 USD $999.99 a total of USD $1,199
  • Display
6.1-inch AMOLED @120Hz 6.6-inch AMOLED @120Hz 6.8-inch AMOLED @120Hz
  • Screen resolution
2340 × 1080 2340 × 1080 3088 × 1440
  • Platform
Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy Extra Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy
  • RAM
8 Gigabytes 8 Gigabytes 12 Gigabytes / 8 Gigabytes
  • Storage
128 GB / 256 GB 256 GB / 512 GB 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 Terabyte
  • Main camera
50 Megapixels 50 Megapixels 200 Megapixels
  • Ultrawide camera
12 Megapixels 12 Megapixels sharp 12 Megapixels
  • Telephoto camera
10MP, 3X optical zoom 10MP, 3X optical zoom sharp 10MP, 3X and 10X optical zoom
  • Selfie camera
12 Megapixels 12 Megapixels sharp 12 Megapixels
  • Dimensions
5.8 × 2.8 × 0.3 inches (ca. 8 mm) 6.2 × 3 × 0.3 inches (ca. 8 mm) 6.4 × 3.1 × 0.35 inches (ca. 9 mm)
  • Weight
6 ounces (0.23 kg) 7.3 ounces (0.28 kg) 8.2 ounces (0.31 kg)
  • Battery size
3,900mAh 4,700mAh 5,000mAh
  • Charging speed 
25Watt 45Watt 45Watt

Availability of these three devices

  • All three Samsung Galaxy s23 device preorders have been available, and now from today Feb, 17 the delivery has started.
  • Some countries have higher prices
  • The Basic S23 is the most affordable option, while the S23 Ultra offers the most expensive.

In conclusion, preorders for all three cell lines are being accepted, and deliveries have been started today, Friday, February 17. For the greatest deals on Samsung’s newest flagship devices, visit the Samsung S23 preorders page.


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