League of Legends House Quiz

League of Legends House Quiz

League of Legends house commonly known as League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer battleground last team standing video game. The game was launch in October 2009 under the banner of Riot Games. League of Legends has been available on major operating systems, including Windows and macOS. This last team standing game was developed after inspiring by “Defense of the Ancient. LoL is a multiplayer video game as mentioned above but the teams have been divided into 2 groups with five players each. The whole teams control the one main character that is used to kill the other enemy. This main character has different powers with unique abilities and differing styles of play. The main character has given the name “champion”. When the match between the two started, the main character also known as “champion” becomes powerful by:

  • collecting experience points
  • earning gold(s)
  • purchasing items to defeat the opponent

House Quiz in League of Legends:

League of Legends house rolled out a different type of event on May 2nd 2019 with Factions, commonly known and called as “Houses”. The “Factions” or “Houses” were given the following name:

  1. Council house
  2. United house
  3. Faceless house
  4. Warband house

How to choose a League of Legends (LOL) House?

There’s an option in the game regarding selecting or choosing a house. One possible way to get a house is by completing a quiz. While the second option for selecting a house is by clicking on the “Choose Your House” button at the bottom right of your screen to see all house choices available.

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Favourite time of day for House in LoL:

The following are the favourite or good time for selecting a house in the combat game:

  • Dawn – United house
  • Day – Council house
  • Dusk – Faceless house
  • Night – Warband house

House Quiz tips and tricks in League of Legend:

Surprisingly, if you want to get a House by completing a Quiz, there will be more chances of getting a Warband house as compared to the other 3 houses. In simple words, this is due to coding. Therefore, the game has been programmed in such a way that if a player scores 2/2/2/2 score on its 8 Questions during a quiz, the results could become Warbands by default.

League of Legends

Modes of Leagues of Legends:

Since its launch in 2009, this combat multiplayer game is available free to play and the developers are earning through purchasable characters and items within the game.  The team of five players has to restrict the enemies from entering into their base called “Nexus”. Therefore, the teams have to occupy and protect one half of the map for their victory as a stand-alone team. Furthermore, the game has also several modes for its players to highlight their abilities. The mentioned below are the different kinds or types of game modes in Legends of League.

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Summoner’s Rift:

As per the developers, Summoner’s Rift is the flagship and the most prominent in professional-level game mode in League of Legends.  This mode has a ranked competitive ladder and also a matchmaking system that determines the player’s skill level. Moreover, there are 9 tiers in this game mode. The least skilled tiers are Iron, Bronze, and Silver, while the highest skilled ranks are Master, Grandmaster, and also Challenger.

The group of two teams having five players on each side have to destroy the opposing team’s “Nexus”, which is guarded by the enemy’s champions and defensive characters known as “turrets”. Each team’s Nexus is located in their main base, where players start their game or reappear after knock out.  Interestingly, the Non-player characters known as minions which are actually bots can be generated from each team’s Nexus and march towards the base of the enemy alongside the other three lanes guarded by turrets. Also, each team’s base contains three “inhibitors”.

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Like other battle royale games, the matches or gameplay of Summoner’s Rift can last from as little as 15 minutes to over an hour. Although, unlike other games, it does not enforce the players to go inside the game circle. Players in a lane kill minions to gather gold and XP commonly called “farming” and try to restrict their opponents from doing the same work. Moreover, a fifth champion, which is known as a “jungler”, farms the jungle monsters and, when powerful enough, assists their teammates in a lane.

Other game modes of LoL:

Apart from Summoner’s Rift, League of Legends has also two other, but permanent game modes. ARAM also known as “All Random, All Mid” is a 5v5 mode likewise Summoner’s Rift. In this mode, the map comes up with only one long lane, which means no jungle area and even champions randomly selected for players. Unfortunately, the size of the map is small as compared to Summoner’s Rift. Therefore, the players playing this mode must be vigilant while playing.

On the other hand, Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler gameplay that was released in June 2019 and became a permanent game mode as well after the launch. Likewise other game modes, players build a team of five and fight to be the last one standing. Notably, the mode of Teamfight Tactics is also available for iOS and Android.

Whereas other game modes have been developed temporarily, typically featuring in-game events from time to time.  Similarly, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode was available for two weeks in 2014 as an “April Fools Day” prank. In that mode of April Fools Day, the following new features were added:

  • the abilities of the champion had no resource cost
  • reduced cooldown timers
  • increased movement speed of characters
  • reduced healing time
  • faster attacks from your characters

A year later after April Fools Day mode, in April 2015, the developers claimed that they are not bringing the mode back because of its unbalanced design that resulted in the players’ burnout. However, Riot also said the cost associated with maintaining and balancing URF was too high to handle for them. Other temporary game modes of League of Legends include “One for All” and “Nexus Blitz”. In the game mode of “One for All”, the players had to pick a champion for all their team members to play.  While in “Nexus Blitz”, players participated and played in a series of mini-games on a compressed map of the game.


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