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how to make certain contacts ring on silent android

It’s hard to stay connected without having your phone ring in the middle of a meeting or annoying you at that quiet dinner with friends. Fortunately, Android phones allow users to customize their settings so that specific contacts only ring on silent mode. This feature can be invaluable for avoiding unnecessary disturbance and ensuring important calls still get through.

In this post, we will break down exactly how to make certain contacts ring on silent mode on Android phones. Read on to learn how to keep yourself connected while still keeping the noise out!

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How to Allow Certain Calls to Ring in Android While in Silent Mode

If you want certain contacts to ring on silent mode while your Android phone is set to silent mode, there are a few things you can do. You can either use an app like Silence or create a contact group and add the relevant contacts to it.

If you’re using Silence, you can add individual contacts or groups of contacts to the app’s “silent list.” Once they’re added, calls and texts from those contacts will be silenced. You can also choose how long you want the silence to last – permanent, until a certain time, or until you turn off silent mode.

If you don’t want to use an app, you can also create a contact group in your phone’s address book. To do this, open the Contacts app and tap on the “Groups” tab. Then, tap on the “+” icon and give your group a name. Once you’ve created the group, add the relevant contacts to it. Now, when you set your phone to silent mode, only calls and texts from members of that group will come through.

Find the contact you want to silent

If you’re like me, you have a few contacts that you don’t want to hear from unless it’s an emergency. Maybe it’s your boss, or a family member who always seems to call at the most inconvenient times. Whatever the case may be, you can easily silence certain contacts on your Android phone so that their calls will go straight to voicemail. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Contacts app on your Android phone and find the contact you want to silent.
  2. Tap on their name to open up their contact details page.
  3. On this page, tap on the menu button (the three dots in the top-right corner) and then select “All calls to voicemail.”
  4. You’ll see a warning message asking if you’re sure you want to do this – tap on “OK” to confirm.
  5. That’s it! From now on, any calls made from that contact will go straight to voicemail without making a sound. If they leave a voicemail, you can check it by opening up the Phone app and tapping on “Voicemails.”

Click on the contact and select

If you have an important contact that you need to be able to reach at all times, you can make sure that their calls always ring on your Android device, even if you have silent mode enabled. This can be done by opening the contact in your Contacts app and selecting the “Always ring” option.

Save your changes

Assuming you have your contacts synced with your Google account, open the Contacts app. Tap on a contact to open their details page. Scroll down and tap “Ringtone.” If the contact is stored on your device, you’ll see a list of ringtones to choose from; if the contact is stored on your SIM card, you’ll see a message saying so. Select the ringtone you want to use for that contact and tap “OK.”

Do Not Disturb Mode

do not disturb

There are times when you need to be able to concentrate or you’re in a meeting and you don’t want your phone going off. In these situations, it’s helpful to have a way to make certain contacts ring on silent so you’re not interrupted. To do this on Android, open the Contacts app and tap on the contact you want to silence. Then, tap the menu button (three dots in the top right corner) and select “Do not disturb.” This will ensure that this contact can only reach you by calling repeatedly or by leaving a voicemail. If you need to quickly silence all calls, you can enable Do Not Disturb mode from the Quick Settings panel. Just swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal the panel, then tap the Do Not Disturb icon to enable it. You can also schedule Do Not Disturb mode so it automatically turns on and off at certain times.


Knowing how to make certain contacts ring on silent mode in Android can be a great way to ensure that you only receive important calls and messages. With the steps outlined above, it should now be easy for you to set up your Android device so that certain contacts will sound out loud while other contacts will stay quiet. This way, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important call or message ever again!

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