Dasher direct virtual card not working? Here is the fix

Dasher direct virtual card not working? Here is the fix

Are you familiar with what “door dashing” means? A US-based system called DoorDash connects clients with local and chain restaurants for takeaway and meal service. In partnership with Payfare, the business established the DasherDirect platform because of its delivery personnel, or dashers. You can now access your DoorDash income very easily only with a DasherDirect card, which has been created just for Dashers. let us see the fixes for Dasher direct virtual card not working.

Why won’t my Dasher Direct Card work?

The Dasher Direct Mastercard not functioning is not uncommon; individuals do occasionally complain. But if the problem isn’t fixed, you still can suffer from headaches.

An insufficient amount of money in the account or exceeding the payment threshold could be the cause of the issue. However, you’d be conscious of the possibility. If these are not the reason for the problems with your card, you will be required to hunt for alternative factors.

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Therefore, we believe it is time to investigate potential causes before trying to solve the problem. Let’s examine the potential causes and remedies below.

To enroll in the Dasher Direct card, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the DasherDirect program using your email address and password.
  2. Enter the fingerprint Scanner to launch the app if you’ve already used it for security reasons.
  3. Go towards the bottom of your site and click the More button in the lower right corner.
  4. A new page with the Manage card choice will display. Touch it.
  5. Select the Activation of Physical Card options that appears here.
  6. Follow the instructions on the page to input the card’s last 4 numbers and expiry date. Select Next.
  7. You also have the choice to scan a QR code.
  8. You must create a pin on the following page. Add a pin, then double-check it by typing it into the Combo box.

Perhaps you’re utilizing the free ATM?

There are approximately 20,000 ATMs across the country that recognize this prepaid card. Users can therefore use DoorDash to withdraw money from ATMs that just don’t impose fees. Whenever you utilize a no-fee ATM, the Dasher Direct wallet will not be billed any charges.

When the account appears to be sufficiently funded, but the card is really not working, there are two possible explanations. You aren’t utilising an ATM that doesn’t charge a fee, but you do not have sufficient money to pay the costs the device levies. So, when using the card, be sure to go to an ATM with no fees.

Not Enough Money in Your Account

Did you check your account’s balance?  If otherwise, the Dasher Direct Wallet might not be functioning due to insufficient in your account funds.

Your payment will be unsuccessful if you’re completing a sizable transaction with missed payments in the Dasher Direct consideration. In those, other terms, the transaction won’t be able to be made using your card. The allocated quantity limitation in the Dasher Direct wallet represents the only restriction on the activities (or purchases) you can perform.

Alleged Illegal Behavior by Dasher Direct

The Dasher Direct regulators will believe someone is attempting to use your card without your permission if they have reason to believe harmful activity involving your card details has been detected.

Your card would be banned as a safety precaution, and no matter how hard you try to utilize it, nothing will happen.

Try to avoid providing your Dasher Direct credit card info in an illegal location. If you believe a third party is pressuring you to do so, please contact the Dasher Direct customer service team right away. You might not even be aware if your card is banned.


The main reasons why the Dasher Direct Card isn’t operating are unauthorized or questionable activities on your account or a lack of funds.

Not functioning Dasher Direct Cards is a common issue.   Many users have experienced problems using the card throughout purchases.


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