BMW Wireless Charging not Working, here is the fix

BMW wireless charging not working

Although BMWs are superb cars with certain cutting-edge features, including the rather recent key card function, their software is not flawless. The recent models of BMW have just been having issues with the wireless charging not working, which is unfortunate because each of these models was supposed to even have a wireless charging system.

Unfortunately, many of these versions lack wireless charging capabilities due to a component shortage problem. Users of BMW will find this to be very sad and unpleasant.

You may be aware of the chip scarcity that is choking many industries, including those that produce devices and automobiles. BMW is also not immune to this issue. According to estimates, automakers produced 2 million fewer vehicles in 2018 than they did in 2019.

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The smartphone is incompatible with wireless charging.

If BMW wireless charging is not working, you might have an outdated iPhone or even another smartphone. In that scenario, it might not work with any wireless BMW connection. Test your device’s ability to use wireless charging by doing so. Your mobile device cannot be recharged with a wireless charger because it is incompatible with inductive charging.

Your BMW might have a Problem.

BMW produces cutting-edge premium vehicles, such as SUVs, sedans, and other types.  And they already own other luxury cars, a well-known and prestigious automaker. Considering this, you could assume that BMW’s technology is of the highest caliber.

The touchscreen technology is prone to mistakes, bugs, breakdowns, and/or glitches, though. Having also said the problem with BMW’s wireless charging system could be a problem with the computing device.

Fortunately, there are solutions for these kinds of issues, and we’ve listed a few of them right here to assist you in choosing one.


Implement a Soft Reset for wireless charging

A soft reset is a fantastic technique to solve a problem like this that affects your navigation system. Primarily, this aids in system refreshment and can aid in query reprocessing.

The wireless charging system, which is enabled by the multimedia center, activates the strong magnetic field which charges any device once you place it into the wireless charging point.

The soft reset of the navigation system will therefore benefit the portable charger as well as its operations.

  • Initially, make absolutely sure the BMW is powered but isn’t running—in other words, that it is operating in the standby condition.
  • Next, until at least thirty seconds, push and press the volume key or knob.3
  • Once it is turned on, you will notice the BMW logo out there.
  • That will enable you to do a soft reset just on the navigation system in any BMW, which ought to solve your problem.

Execute a Master Reset

It’s possible that you’re in one of those situations where you need to execute a Master Reset in order to fix an issue with the BMW’s navigation system. However, a soft reset merely involves turning the machine off, rebooting, then turning it again on. This can assist with basic problems like terrible performance or glitches.

When you perform a Master Reset, the equipment is turned off and returned to its factory reset. During this procedure, all data, and information are also deleted from of the system preferences.


Is there any wireless charger for the BMW 3 Series?

Yes, all editions of the “BMW 3 Series” have wireless charging capabilities. You can use it to charge a phone that supports wireless charging.

Which mobile devices work using BMW wireless charging system?

BMW wireless charging is compatible with nearly all Qi-enabled cell phones. The wireless charging capabilities of the BMW inductive charging are supported by the iPhone 8 and all subsequent iPhone models.

How does the wireless phone charging function in a BMW?

Simply power on the BMW and set your Qi-compatible smartphone on the charging box. Your smartphone will begin to charge using the BMW wireless charging system when the blue light begins to flash. The charging state is also visible on BMW’s embedded system. How do I charge my iPhone in my BMW wirelessly?


Put your smartphone on the BMW’s wireless charging plate after removing the back covering. It will begin wirelessly charging. Keep in mind, there are no metallic objects that could impede your smartphone’s charging tray and prevent it from charging. Thank you for reading, and please share any other strategies you think would be beneficial to include in the article. Please comment below.




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