Best 4 finger claw setup PUBG mobile layout that will enhance your gaming experience

Best 4 finger claw setup PUBG mobile layout setup that will enhance your gaming experience

You are a beginner (Noob) in PUBG mobile? Do you want to switch from two fingers or three-finger claw layout on PUBG mobile? You are facing difficulties while playing with Best 4 finger claw setup PUBG mobile layout?

If you have any one of the above questions in your mind before playing PUBG Mobile, you’re at the right place and time. In this article, we’ll give you the solutions, as well as the best settings for 4 fingers, claw layout setup with gyroscope and without a gyroscope.

In addition to this, in the middle of this guide, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to play like a Pro with your 4 fingers.

So without any further due, let’s begin the solution.

What is the Best 4 finger claw setup for PUBG mobile?

The four fingers claw setup in Pubg Mobile is the customize settings in the controls section of the game. Pubg mobile has a control setup that can be changed according to the willingness of players. There are many types of controls layouts or setups for playing the game, including a two-finger/thumb setup and the claw setup. The claw setup has been further divided into two type’s i.e. 3 finger claw setup and 4 finger claw setup

In the 4 fingers claw setting of the game, the handset is held in the player’s hand by six fingers (not 4 fingers as the name suggests), which gives a claw-like shape to your four fingers.

As per the opinions of various players, they tend to prefer the four-finger over the two-finger setup or layout because moving, shooting, and looking around at once is not possible with the setup of a two-finger or thumb layout.

Advantages of the controls of four-finger claw in PUBG:

The mentioned below are the most important as well as the basic benefits of the settings of this control.

  • It is one of the most flexible settings among others games’ settings.
  • You are able to control four aspects of the game at the same time.
  • If you’re rushing in the small or last zone, it will give you an advantage in close-range due to its moving speed.
  • The main reason for using this setup is that it allows the player to jump, move, look around and shoot immediately at once.
  • As mentioned, this control setting has one of the fastest movement speeds among other claw settings.

Difficulties I see using this method are:

  • This method usually takes a longer period of time to have a grip on the device as well as for getting a Chicken Dinner.
  • Your hands will cover more screen area of your device. So, you can’t see the edges as well as the top and bottom of your handset.

Initially, I recommend you to have a complete grip on three-finger claw controls. After you become master in 3 fingers, you can easily switch to the four-finger claw setup. The main benefit of switching from 3 to 4 fingers is that it will save most of your time of practicing.

Additionally, practice, practice, and practice is the key to success for becoming a Pro in the 4 fingers control setting.

Top Best 4 finger claw setup PUBG mobile Controls Layout with Gyroscope:

Okay, Gyroscope players, it’s finally time that I’ll tell you the exact blueprint that I used to get 312% more WWCD in PUBG Mobile.

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Top Best 4 finger claw setup

Gyroscope in Pubg Mobile:

Many players around the world use gyroscope for recoil control, so can too. You can use Gyroscope for better controlling of recoil. For using this cool feature, tilt or move your device in the opposite direction of that particular gun.

As per the reports from various survey conductors, many players are switching to the gyro settings day by day. So, you can also give a try to this setting of sensitivity.

  • 3rd Person, no scope should be 300%
  • 1st person, no scope should also be 300%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist should be around about 250%
  • 2x Scope should be 200%
  • 3x Scope should also b 200%
  • 4x Scope, VSS should be approx 190%
  • 6x Scope should be 80%
  • 8x Scope could be 70%
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Four finger PUBG control settings:

In these dedicated or customized settings of the game, your fingers and controls must be in the following manner:

  • The joystick stays at the bottom left of the device
  • The fire button could be placed on the top left corner of the screen
  • The aim, peek & crouch buttons will be at the top right of the device’s screen
  • Jump, reload & lying position on the bottom right of your handset’s screen

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4 finger claw PUBG mobile best control layout code:

The control layout code for the Pubg mobile is as follow:

  • The joystick stays at the bottom left on your screen as above mentioned
  • Similarly, the fire button should be placed on the top left corner of the device screen
  • While in the case of the Peek button, it lies in the middle of the right side of the device
  • Jump & reload lies on the bottom left of the screen of your device
  • Aim, lying & crouch buttons and controls should be placed on the top right corner of your screen

Best 4 Finger Claw Sensitivity without Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile:

Before explaining the sensitivity of 4 finger claw controls, we’ll briefly explain the ADS sensitivity settings for better camera performance and enhancing your gameplay. The below-mentioned ADS settings are mostly used by professional players.

Best Four finger ADS Sensitivity in PUBG Mobile:

  • 3rd Person no scope= 90%
  • 1st person no scope= 77%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist= 55%
  • 2x Scope= 55%
  • 3x Scope= 35%
  • 4x Scope, VSS= 20%
  • 6x Scope =14%+
  • 8x Scope= 9%
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Camera Sensitivity (free look):

It refers to the sensitivity of the free look icon to see around in the TPP mode of the gameplay. After getting these settings accurate, you will help play like a professional one.

Note: Try these settings as a reference or guidance.  You may need to increase or decrease the layout setup according to your playing style as well as your device type.

The following settings should be done for better gameplay and camera settings.

  • Camera = 100 percent
  • 1st Person Camera = 70 percent
  • 3rd Person Camera= 100 percent

Camera Sensitivity

Camera sensitivity for Four finger claw setup:

The following are the camera settings of scopes alongside their percentage.

  • 3rd Person no scope= 71%
  • 1st person no scope= 67%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist =61%
  • 2x Scope= 35%
  • 3x Scope =25%
  • 4x Scope, VSS= 14%
  • 6x Scope= 12%
  • 8x Scope= 8%

Tips to play like a pro with four-finger claw PUBG:

Thanks for waiting till here for getting these cool and exciting tips and tricks of Pubg Mobile. So without any further delay, let’s get into these tricks.

Everyone wants to play the game and enjoy it with a low recoil setting. So, there are tips and tricks to control recoil in PUBG mobile, such as controlling recoil of various guns

In this section of the article, we’ll guide you on how to control the recoil while playing. The recoil can be controlled with the help of your fingers, which can be dragged or scrolled downwards to decrease the recoil.

While in the case of scopes, 6x scope, for example, it is best to use it by adjusting it to 3x.

To recall, the recoil is least for the red dot and holographic scopes inducted in the several guns in the game.

IMPORTANT TIP – Clean your hands by removing the sweat. The reason for cleaning sweat is because it can mess up with your controls or buttons of various functions. Usually, you need to have a firm grip on your handset so that you can easily scroll your fingers i.e. up, down, left, right, etc across your device’s screen.

Is four-finger Pubg controls better than two or three-finger PUBG controls?

Many players, whether Pro, average, or newbies have similar questions regarding the type of control settings. Therefore, we have also included that section in this article for your convenience.

So, which is a better control setting? Is it 3 finger or is it four finger claw settings or the typical one setting that uses two thumbs only?

So let me answer this in a simple or concise manner.

NO. There is a big no for those saying any of the settings in better. Perhaps, it depends upon various factors from your device to the way of your playing method.

Basically, the four-finger claw in PUBG mobile is a very complex method to learn, and once you have learned it becomes easier for a player to compete with other enemies. Even though, it doesn’t mean it is better than the other two methods or processes.

In addition to this, a Four-finger claw setup is just another setup you can use to play PUBG mobile likewise the other two layouts. Furthermore, a thumb setup or a three-finger PUBG control can also be as good as a four-finger setup. So, do not worry if you can’t master a four-finger claw layout in Pubg Mobile.

Notably, not every e-sports/ Competitive or Pro PUBG player uses the same settings or sensitivity for playing Pubg. They just follow what works better or easy for them to grab a chicken dinner. These four-finger settings and layout are good enough to provide you a start.


Initially, I recommend you to have a complete grip on three-finger claw controls. After you become master in 3 fingers, you can easily switch to the four-finger claw setup. The main benefit of switching from 3 to 4 fingers is that it will save most of your time for practicing.

Additionally, practice, practice, and practice is the key to success for becoming Pro in the 4 fingers control setting.

The three layout setups may or may not work in some cases. So, you would be required to adjust the controls settings according to your preferences.

Therefore, try all the settings that are available in the game. After this, choose the best available option that’s best for you based on your finger size, reflexes, and your game preferences.


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