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5 Steps to unmatch someone on Tinder

5 Steps to unmatch someone on Tinder

Sometimes, it becomes really annoying or disheartens if you find a match or a person on Tinder and he/she is not up to mark as shown in the mentioned profile. Therefore, there’s a need to delete this particular match or unmatch a match – a term used by online dating fanatics.

After matching with a specific profile on Tinder, have you ever realized that it isn’t the right person I am looking for? After swiping the account profile, you come to know he/she is not as hot as I was thinking?? Do you want to unmatch him/her?? Don’t worry, in this brief guide, we’ll give the solution of unmatching that profile. Don’t you worry that’s not rocket science, just 5 simple steps, and BOOM!!! You have deleted a match on Tinder.

Besides this, in this blog post, we’ll also tell you the difference between reporting someone on Tinder and unmatching the profile on Tinder as well.

Read till the end to know all the processes and ways for deleting a match whether you are using Android, iOS, or desktop app. Stay till the end for all your queries.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin the guide.

5 Steps to unmatch someone on Tinder

How to delete a match of profile on Tinder?

REMEMBER!!!! The guide can vary from device to device for unmatching a match. Therefore, we’ve divided this into further sub-headings for your convenience. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll cover the Tinder version of Android, iOS, and Desktop or web version.

Unmatch option on Tinder’s Android app:

If you’re acquiring an Android device, deleting the match will be done through the below five steps.

  1. First thing first, OPEN the Chat with whom you want to delete a match after some conversation.
  2. At the top right corner, there’ll be a flag icon. Tap on the flag icon.
  3. After this, click on the “Unmatch” button.
  4. Many options will appear after clicking on the “Unmatch”. Select any of the reasons for unmatching with the profile.
  5. Click on the “Unmatch” again to confirm it.

That’s it, you’ve unmatched the match on an Android device. Isn’t it easy?? We’ve told you at the start that’s an easy process.

Tinder unmatching on an iOS device:

Now, you’ve know come to know how to delete a match on an Android device, but if you have got an iOS or Apple device, follow the below points or steps for unmatching a profile.

  1. Head over to the profile of the unwanted person.
  2. Click on the flag icon, which is at the top right corner.
  3. After this, click on the “Unmatch” button.
  4. Many options will appear after clicking on the “Unmatch”. Select any of the reasons for unmatching with the profile.
  5. Click on the “Unmatch” again to confirm it.

Have you noticed??? Almost all the process on Android and iOS devices is pretty much similar, and easy as well.

Unmatch Profile Of Tinder on Desktop:

As you have come to know the process of a match on a smartphone, but what if you want to unmatch a Tinder profile while using a web or desktop version of the dating app. If you want to unmatch someone while using a desktop app, follow the below instructions.

  1. Click on the profile of whom you want to delete a match on a dating application.
  2. You will see a button of “Unmatch”, which is situated on the bottom-left corner of her/his profile picture.
  3. Click on the “Unmatch” button, which is under the profile image.
  4. You will have to click on one of the reasons for unmatching, select any reason of your choice
  5. Finally, Tap on “Unmatch” once again to confirming the “Unmatch” of that annoying person.

That’s all; this was the entire process of your problem. Hope you understand our instructions, if yes, share this article with others so they can also solve their similar issue.

unmatch someone on Tinder

How to unmatch everyone on Tinder?

If you want to unmatch everyone on Tinder and obviously the numbers will be high. Therefore, the simple method could be deleting your Tinder account.

On the other hand, follow the below instructions to unmatch people individually on Tinder:

  1. First of all, log in to your Tinder account, whether it is on an iOS or Android device.
  2. Then Open the chat with whom you want to unmatch.
  3. Select the “ellipses” button if you’re an Android user or the “flag” icon in the case if you are on an iOS device.
  4. At last, click on the “Unmatch” in the top-right corner of your smartphone screen.
What are the Reasons for Unmatching on Tinder?

You may be noticing some reasons before unmatching any profile on Tinder.  After seeing the reasons, you can select any of your choices. The reasons will be something like we’re mentioning below:

  1. Offensive messages
  2. No reason (selected by default)
  3. Inappropriate photos
  4. Feels like spam
  5. Bad offline behavior
  6. Other

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Difference between Unmatching On Tinder Vs Reporting Someone On Tinder:

In the process of unmatching, you can clear cut the reasons that why are you unfollowing or deleting the match. Therefore, you can give the reasons why you’re deleting a particular match. Once you’ve unmatched a match, the profile will go under review.

On the other hand, you can also report someone’s profile that is against Tinder’s Terms of Service. Moreover, reporting someone’s profile gives a stronger signal to Tinder that the profile has to be reviewed for some unethical or offensive behavior. In the case, if you report a Tinder profile, just after reporting, the profile will automatically unmatch due to the reporting.

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