Zuckerberg hinted 3 new features of WhatsApp in an interview with WABetaInfo

Zuckerberg hinted 3 new features of WhatsApp in an interview with WABetaInfo

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart have unveiled that three new features of the messaging app are coming soon. However, the Facebook-owned app didn’t announce officially about these new updates. Although both the CEOs claimed of giving beta testing of these features or updates in the coming weeks. Out of these 3 new features, also includes the most awaited multi-device support feature of WhatsApp. The reports were leaked from the recent interview given to WABetaInfo by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. As a reminder, WABetaInfo is an online platform that gives the news of upcoming features or updates of WhatsApp.

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Features of WhatsApp:

In the conversation between Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg, both revealed the working of three new updates on WhatsApp. According to them, the 3 upcoming updates will include:

  • Multi-device support
  • Disappearing and view once mode of WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp for iPad(s)

Multi-device support:

Previously, the news of rolling out of multi-device feature was coming from several sources. Now, the news has been confirmed by the head of WhatsApp in an interview. According to the CEO of WhatsApp, there were technical challenges for syncing the content (images, videos, and chats) of the users. That’s why the company has delayed the most-anticipated feature. However, this feature will be coming to public beta in the next two months.  Notably, as per the CEO claims, you can now connect your 4 devices at a time even though without an internet connection on the primary device.

Disappearing and view once mode of WhatsApp:

The upcoming next feature of disappearing and view once will tend to save space and secure privacy. As we all are familiar with Snapchat that enables its users to view the story only one time. Keeping in mind this feature, the users also wanted these specs on WhatsApp. Therefore, the Facebook-owned messaging app decided to work on this update due to the pressure from its users. According to the given interview by the CEOs to WABetaInfo, they claimed that by this feature the received message (whether image, text or video) will disappear once it’s open.

In case of disappearing message, this feature was launched way back in November but didn’t gain popularity. As a reminder, in disappearing mode, text older than 7 days was automatically deleted in the conversation. In addition to this, this time the feature will be coming with a new twist. From now, the disappearing mode will be available for 24 hours or a one-day time limit.

WhatsApp for iPad(s):

During the interview, Cathcart further announced that WhatsApp will soon be supporting iPads. He also claimed that the beta tester for iOS users has been closed but the company is trying its best to open for the public as it has been closed for over two years.

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