YouTube Will Allow Automatic Translations Soon

YouTube will allow automatic translations soon

As per the reports given by Android Police, the Google-owned video streaming platform, YouTube has been testing a new feature for translations and YouTube Will Allow Automatic Translations Soon. Moreover, the users have been spotted the automatic translation in the titles, descriptions and closed captions of the videos. However, users have been seeing English to Portuguese and English to Turkish translations now. As per the reports, the new translation tool of YouTube will be available for both mobile versions as well as for desktop version. The new update takes the help from Google Translate to automatic translate the videos’ titles, descriptions and captions into the user’s native language.

Previously, in the last year, YouTube removed the community captions from the videos. The removal of the captions was considered a major blow because many users were relying on this feature for translation. Moreover, the users were forced to rely on only the subtitles or captions provided by the owners of the videos. Sometimes the translations weren’t authentic or acceptable.

As per the users, the new translation update had been enabled through a server-side change. The new feature will help the users to browse and watch the videos with ease. However, the new feature is expected to be launched worldwide soon. Apparently, a translated video will show a small translation icon that precedes the title of the video(s). The translation tool will help the creators’ video to reach more audience other than only English speaking audience.

As we all know, Google has the most powerful AI system for translation. The Google translation has been able to translate more than 108 languages. Keeping in mind this AI tool, Google will use this feature in YouTube to expand the automatic translation in the videos. The reports and leaks also show that the new translation feature will be powered by Google’s own Translate app.

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