YouTube introduced three Twitch-inspired features for its competition

YouTube introduced three Twitch-inspired features for its competition

YouTube has decided to roll out its three new Twitch-inspired features for its ongoing war of supremacy with the world’s largest streaming app. In the case of Twitch, it has already been using these similar features for a while. The streaming giant, in fact, video game streaming giant uses these kinds of services to help streamers or content creators to engage with their followers as well as to monetize their work. The three new updates that the video uploading app has added to its platform are:

  1. Limiting their chats
  2. Creating polls
  3. Creating clips from streams

According to the new services provided by the video-sharing platform, the streamers will be able to limit their chats to their community, subscribers, or followers. This means those who haven’t subscribed to their channels won’t be able to see the chats of streamers. On the other hand, the followers could be able to create the polls within the chats of their subscribed channels. To create polls, the users will have to simply click on the bottom left corner of the chat. By tapping on the option, you will be able to generate a poll of your choice, such as, whether you like the streaming or not. Last but not the least, the third update YouTube is adding to its platform is making video clips from the live streams of popular games.

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To recall, clipping is the most important tool in live streaming platforms. Since most of the followers don’t watch hours of live streaming. Due to this tool, the videos could be cropped from one of the favorite or important sections of the live stream gaming video. While in the case of Youtube’s criteria for using the tool of clipping is for those content creators who have at least 1000 subscribers on their channels.

Meanwhile, this feature is still under the testing phase for only limited users around the globe. However, the feature will eventually roll out around the globe in the upcoming days.


Twitch vs. Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming:

As we all know, Twitch is one of the best and largest live streaming platforms in terms of revenue as well as popularity. Most people prefer Twitch over any other live streaming services, including Facebook Gaming and YouTube gaming. Therefore, it is the most dominant element in the category of games. Notably, it doesn’t mean that YouTube and other live streaming platforms are not competing with it, in fact, others platforms are now started giving Twitch a tough time. YouTube had almost a quarter of the market in the live streaming platforms at the end of 2020 followed by Facebook Gaming, as per the reports from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet.

One thing is for sure, YouTube is still far behind Twitch, and adding these cool and exciting features, such as to help the streamers to grow financially will help the company to grow further in the field of live streaming of games.



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