YouTube gets new resolution settings

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YouTube gets new resolution settings

YouTube gets new resolution settings for its smartphone’s version. However, this new feature is yet to be released on the browser’s version. Therefore, this video resolution setting is only available for Android and iOS. Before this update, there were only two options regarding video quality. There was an Auto-option and secondly, there was a list of resolutions starting from 144p. You had the option of whether to select the Auto option that can play the video according to your internet connections or you had to select by the provided list of resolutions. The Auto option automatically allowed the users to adjust the video quality of their own choice. From now, the new feature has changed things differently.

From now, the new feature or update of the video resolution has four options:

  • Auto
  • Higher picture quality
  • Data saver
  • Advanced option

The first option from the list i.e. Auto will work similarly to the previous. The second option from the list i.e. Higher Picture Quality will consume more data than usual. This option will play the video as low as 720p. But it will depend upon your internet speed for more or fewer qualities videos. In this option of the resolution, the can be played at 720p and also at 1440p. On the contrary, the third option from the list will restrict your data connection for using high-resolution videos. As the name suggests, a data saver will save your internet data preventing it to consume a large amount of data. On average, the YouTube video will play at 480p or if you have a good internet connection it will go up to 720p. In this case, it also completely depends on your internet speed and connection.

Last but not the least, the Advanced option; you will find a complete list of video resolutions under this option. In this option, you will have to select a specific resolution for the video. Unfortunately, the users can’t set a specific resolution as a default for all videos. The reason is that the Advanced option isn’t available under the menu of Video quality preferences.

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