Xiaomi is working on a 200MP camera

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Xiaomi is working on a 200MP camera

Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a 200MP camera as per the rumours. The rumours gained popularity after the announcement of the world’s biggest chipset maker i.e. Qualcomm.  Last week on Tuesday, at the third annual Snapdragon Tech Summit in Maui, Hawaii, the company claimed that its latest series of processors especially Snapdragon 865 series will be coming with the capabilities of holding a 200MP camera(s).  However, this leak came out after the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro with a 108-megapixel Samsung HM2 primary sensor. Moreover, the camera will be developed as a part of the Samsung ISOCELL sensor.

Also, Samsung was rumoured to launch a 200MP sensor. There are still chances that Chinese tech giant Xiaomi probably is the first to get a 200MP sensor. Previously, after the launch of HM2, the same collaboration happened between Samsung and Xiaomi. Additionally, the rumours, in fact, the news of the 200MP camera for smartphones has been on the internet for a quite long time.

Xiaomi’s 200MP camera:

Ice Universe, leaker suggests that Xiaomi’s upcoming handset could have 0.64-micron pixels, which will be the smallest yet. The device’s camera will also come in a size of 1/1.37 –inch. Interestingly, the leaker also claimed that the upcoming camera sensor will support up to 16K video recording. The camera will come up with pixel binning technology. The pixel binning technology has been used to reduce the noise for enhanced image(s).

With new technologies of the upcoming camera(s), the users can take this phone with:

  • super details
  • super high details
  • the super high resolution on the camera

The other reasons you might want so many pixels in your camera setups are due to telephoto photography and advancements in optical and digital zoom. Therefore, people prefer more megapixels for better photography. Although these were the only leaks and you have to wait a little bit before the official announcements.

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