Why is apex legends crashing

Why is apex legends crashing

Many players who play Apex Legends have reported the crashing of this game, the reason is that the game itself is very heavy and if you are doing an extra activity at the background of your PC then it will make difficult for the system to perform the heavy load smoothly.

This fist person battle royal game is available on Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation so that everyone can enjoy playing it on various mediums.

If you’re one of them who sufferers from this crash, don’t you worry anymore — this article will help you out to get rid of crashing.




Follow this guide to get rid of the crashing in apex legends.

Crashing of Apex Legends Game in Desktop:

The crashing is mostly witnessed during the character selection in your game, so you can expect that your game is about to shut down while facing this crashing.

Apex Legends Crashes in PC:

If you are tired of Apex Legends crashing on your PC, if yes, then there are some of the solutions or fixes that can help you play this game smoothly without any crashes.

1. Update your graphics card (GPU):

Out-dated or corrupted graphic card drivers can also cause game crashes so you must not forget to update the graphic card on your PC.

All you have to do is to visit your graphics card manufacturer’s website and install the latest graphics card driver.

Download the driver> double click on file>follow on-screen instructions>install the driver

Now restart your PC and check if you got rid of the crashing issues or not.

2. Stop overclocking your PC:

Sometimes to increase the PC performance, we increase the overclocking speed of the CPU. By doing this, the CPU reaches 90% utilization of the whole system that leads to game crashes.

To make your game run smoothly without any crashes, bring back the CPU clock speed to its default.

  1. Checking the game files:

You never know if there is a game file missing or being damaged that is why it’s causing game crashing. The best way to check it is by checking the integrity of game files.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Origin Launcher and choose Apex Legends from the game library.
  2. Press the small icon just to the right of the Play button.
  3. Now to verify or check your game files, choose the ‘Repair’ option.
  1. Disable Full-screen Optimization:

Disabling full-screen optimization might solve the crashing issue in your game.

Here’s the procedure step by step for disabling fullscreen optimization:

Open file>right click on file>select properties>Compatibility>Disable fullscreen optimizations>Apply>OK

  1. Close unnecessary programs:

Apex Legends is already a heavy game, and if you are also running some more programs at the back, then expect your game to crash out. Sometimes the PC does not have enough power or memory to deal with such load, which is the reason the game crashes.

You can end all the other programs running at the back, like the utility programs. Close all of them and then restart your game again to see if it solves the issue or not.

  1. Set the priority of your game:

You can prioritize your game by following these steps as below:

Launch Apex Legends> Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc > Details> set priority>above normal>

Restart your game and then see whether the problem is solved or not.

  1. Reinstall Apex Legends:

If everything fails, then reinstalling the game could be an only solution left. If you are facing crashes continuously in your apex legends then try to reinstall or uninstall the game. By doing this, it will remove the cache or useless data of your game and might solve the problem of crashing.


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