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Why Can’t I favorite Videos on TikTok 2023

Why Can’t I Favorite Videos on TikTok 2023

Many TikTok users are facing this issue, “Why Can’t I favorite Videos on TikTok 2023: You can add clips to the list of favorites on TikTok by using the favorite option. The clips you have stored will then be seen by going toward your favorite area. The ability to secretly store videos on TikTok is a useful function. Recently, a lot of users on TikTok have reported problems with their favorite features. Many people still struggle to locate their favorite option, while for others it is inoperable.

If you’re having problems with TikTok’s favorite feature, this post would be for you. Now let us examine the reasons why users can not make favorite videos of TikTok and possible fixes for the issue.

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What Is TikTok’s Favorite feature?

To begin with, TikTok’s favorite toggle functions similarly to a favorite feature that enables users to store clips privately on their personal accounts for later review.

Imagine, for instance, that you found a fantastic film that you’d like to view later or present to a person who does not own a cellphone. Once saved, you may retrieve it just by going to the favorites area of your TikTok account by tapping the favorite icon.

The movies you add to the TikTok account’s favorite area are private, and only you may see them. These films are only accessible to you. Nobody will also be allowed to view which videos you have set “.

How to use this favorite video feature?

The reality is that a large number of users do not completely understand how they can save films to their account’s favorites area. To store any films in the account, so you are able to view them again, follow the procedure provided below.

  • Watch any clip in the feed on TikTok by opening the app.
  • Just on the right side, next to the remark symbol, click the three points symbol.
  • Go down the pop-up to locate the “Add to Favorite” option. To add clips to the favorites, simply touch on them.
  • Click your profile pic on the bottom right side of your display to see all of your stored videos.
  • Select “Favorite” from the menu.
  • Together, all videos that you added to your favorites list may be found here.

The following is the proper method to use the TikTok Add to Favorites box and save movies to your account.

Why Am I Unable to Favorite Scenes on TikTok in 2023?

First, solve these issues which are given below to easily access the favorite feature on TikTok.

An inadequate or weak Internet connection

The most common reason for problems when utilizing the TikTok program is poor internet connectivity. To fully analyze all the favorite efforts you place by using your favorite icon, TikTok relies on steady internet access.

A problematic router, an internet blackout, or destruction from a powerful storm might all be the source of poor internet service. To assist you in resolving the internet problems, follow the collection of debugging techniques that are provided below.

After trying the below-listed repair procedures, if you’re still unable to use the internet, you may want to speak with the internet provider to find out more.

Switch off VPN

When you are experiencing problems with texting when utilizing the TikTok program, you must disable the VPN. The majority of VPNs have already been observed to be incompatible with TikTok.

While using a virtual private network (VPN) is a terrific approach to protect your confidentiality and safety online. Having said that, you might think about unplugging from your VPN connection and utilizing the TikTok software without it if you’re having concerns about using it when signed in.

Change internet to mobile data from WI-FI

Try changing from Wi-Fi to the device’s data plan if you’re having problems using your TikTok favorite feature. Utilizing the data on the mobile phone to link to TikTok’s servers will allow you to get around any internet connectivity troubles your Wi-Fi may be having.

Then unplug from Wi-Fi and your smartphone will start utilizing a data network to use TikTok instead of Wi-Fi to view TikTok. Log Out and Re-Log In By signing in to the service and then logging out of it, you may urge it to address any account problems that might be preventing the account from operating as intended. Like any other program, TikTok occasionally hangs as a result of faults and problems. These can prevent your TikTok software from operating properly.

Refreshing your program by logging in, this process will help your account to promote the solution of every issue that your program may be having.


You have to delete the TikTok caches or reinstall the program if you are unable to like the content on the platform. To locate the Clear Caches option on TikTok, start the app, navigate to your account, hit the three circles in the upper right corner, and then scroll to the bottom. To fix the issue, tap on the icon to erase the caches and restart TikTok. You have all the knowledge necessary to utilize the TikTok software’s favorite button since this article has given it to you.


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