Where is the mic on a MacBook Air

Where is the mic on a MacBook air

Where is the mic on MacBook Air 2015?

The mic is on the left side of the MacBook Air. The mic is in the right in front of the headphone jack.

Where is the Mic on a MacBook Pro?

A built-in microphone on a laptop like a MacBook Pro is a useful feature for almost anyone. When you think of a microphone, you probably thought of a singer on stage holding a typical-looking mic in his/her hand with the big round top of it in black color.

You might need a mic to make a video call, make an audio call, or to play video games. Development in technology over the years has led to microphones becoming smaller and smaller. On a MacBook Pro, the microphone is so small that you might not be able to find it.

Where is the mic on a MacBook air

Benefits of a Built-In Mic:


  • While these microphones still exist and now microphones can be really small. The microphone on a MacBook Pro is so small that it’s hard to find it.
  • You also can’t lose a microphone that is built into your MacBook and it would rarely break.
  • Built-in microphones are really handy as well as convenient. These microphones are also very functional. 
  • You can complete many tasks with a built-in microphone until and unless you are an audio expert, you would hardly find a difference.
  • Whether you use the built-in microphone for simple tasks like video calls, phone calls, or games, the microphone on your MacBook can do a great job.

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How to connect a microphone to an iMac?

Apparently, many MacBook users have found that they are unable to connect their microphone to a MacBook’s headphone jack.

No matter how much users plug and unplug it, twist it around, or turn the air blue with cursing.

This is the issue for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, and iMac(s). The same issue exists with a lot of modern Windows laptops as well. 

If you connect a mic and it shows up as headphones in the MacBook; then the following instructions will help you:-

  • However, the problem is generally between the microphone jack and the jack built in the MacBook. The headphone jack is called TRS. The TRS stands for “tip, ring and sleeve.  It has three bands on the jack.
  • The MacBook needs a TRRS jack. The TRRS stands for “tip, ring, ring, and sleeve,”. The TRRS has four bands.

Use Headphones as a Mic on a MacBook:

If you need to record some audio with your iMac, but your device doesn’t have a built-in microphone.  And you don’t have an external microphone; you can use your headphones as an input device for recording.

For instance, if you want to record a quick voice to your assistant, then Microphones and headphones both rely on vibrating membranes to translate sound into electrical signals and vice versa. 

Your headphones must have at least 3.5mm plug to fit into the Mac’s port.

  1. Click the Apple logo at the top left of your Mac’s screen, then click on “System Preferences.”
  2. Click Sound, and then click the Input tab at the top of the “Sounds” preferences window.
  3. Click “Line In” under “Select a Device for Sound Input.”
  4. Locate the “Audio Line-in” port on the back of your Mac. 
  5. You can now use the headphones as a microphone to record audio for your business.

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