WhatsApp Will Removes Its New Privacy Policy Pressurized by The Indian Government

WhatsApp Will Removes Its New Privacy Policy

India Pressurizes WhatsApp To Remove Its New Privacy Policy

India’s minister of technology has written a letter to Facebook-owned Messenger, WhatsApp to remove its new terms of policy within the country. The Indian authorities wrote a letter to WhatsApp on May 18, 2021. The letter was specially written to WhatsApp after keeping in mind the interest of the people of India in the messaging app. According to the reports, WhatsApp will Removes Its New Privacy Policy Pressurized by The Indian Government in their country. As a reminder, WhatsApp has again updated its new terms of privacy policies on May 15, 2021. Earlier this year, the Facebook-owned app had asked its users to review its new privacy policies before February 8, 2021.

After its new updated terms in February, the company faced criticisms for sharing the users’ personal information. Due to criticism from all over the world, the messaging app delayed its privacy policies to the mid of May. As a result, the authorities from India wanted the app to withdraw from its new terms and updates. In addition to this, the company faced backlash over the data-sharing of its users from all over the world.

Not this, but the letter from the Indian government also warned Facebook Inc. for taking legal actions against WhatsApp if proper withdrawal from its privacy policy has not been done. The legal action will be taken according to India’s Information Technology Act, as per the sources. Moreover, WhatsApp has been given the deadline of 25 May to respond to the letter. However, the Indian ministry of technology didn’t give any opinion regarding the warning gave to WhatsApp. Also, both the parties I.e. WhatsApp and the Indian government didn’t speak to the media on this issue.

Although WhatsApp claimed that neither accounts deleted nor work improperly in India. Additionally, the messaging giant announced that they are in continuous talks with the authorities of India about the issue. They also said that their new update on privacy will not impact personal info not only in India but globally. As per the leaks, the company doesn’t want to lose its big market as there are more than 500 million users of WhatsApp only in this country. Also, the Facebook-owned company has many future plans in the country. From digital payments to selling health insurance via partners, the company wants to invest in the country for further services.

The WhatsApp new privacy policy that aims to share personal data or info with its other applications for advertisements has to lead to a legal battle in India. In the country, the anti-trust agencies or bodies have been pressurizing the government of India for legal actions. Therefore, WhatsApp has received two warnings from the Indian government and two court cases against it from India. The messaging app has been finding it difficult for itself to respond to Indian court cases and government, according to analysts and legal experts. The reason is just simply because no one wants to lose a big market like India. The analyst and experts also believed that WhatsApp Inc. will be accepting the terms and conditions of the authorities of India.

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