WhatsApp Is Testing New Voice Note Review Feature

WhatsApp Is Testing New Voice Note Review Feature

WhatsApp is testing new voice note review feature

WhatsApp Is Testing New Voice Note Review Feature and tool that will let the users review their voice messages before sending them to their receivers, as per the reports.  Moreover, the new update or you can say the tool will be available in both OS i.e. Android and iOS. This new feature of the review tool is among the other new updates or features that could launch soon in WhatsApp. This new feature of voice messages is like other features under development and being released for Beta testers. Additionally, this feature will allow users to review their voice messages along with different playback speeds.

As per sources, WhatsApp has been developing a couple of new features only for its voice messages, according to reports.  As per the company, the upcoming feature will be having a review button next to the voice message. The users can tap on the review for listening to the voice message before sending it. The main benefit of this button is that you will have a choice of whether to discard it or send it after listening to it. As a reminder, WhatsApp had previously remove the feature of playback speeds of voice messages from its testing’s.

As mentioned above, this voice note update is under development and the company decides to launch this feature in the upcoming updates of the app. However, the Facebook-owned company has not released the exact date or update version for launching this new feature of voice notes.

With this new feature of playback speeds, beta users can play the voice messages by 1x, 1.5x and 2x. Unfortunately, you can increase the speed of voice messages but can’t decrease the voice notes’ speeds.

In the previous update of the app, it has brought the new feature of muting group(s). Other updates of WhatsApp included:

  • No Calls for Verified Businesses
  • Media Guidelines
  • New Storage Usage UI and other tools


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