What is PUBG Lookup? How to use it to see player’s stats?

Pubg's tracking website

What is PUBG Lookup? How to use it to see player’s stats?

Pubg Lookup and stats:

Like other several websites that show some in-depth details and information, especially stats regarding a particular thing. The Pubg lookup is like those sites that give you extra information for your game matches. The site is helpful as it gives the

  • player’s performance
  • the accuracy of the desired player
  • total travel distance within the multiplayer game
  • several helpful information of the game
  • number of kills in every single match
  • our recent teammates
  • the maps player has played
  • the seasons player has played

The tracking website will give access to all the game modes, such as Solo and Duo gameplays. Besides this, there‘re also several options for tabs, including overview, combat, and survival, etc.

As mentioned, the overview tab will give access to the total wins, kills, and other several general relevant stats about your particular player’s gameplay. While the combat, as the name predicts, will give you the information regarding types of weapons, kills, and so on. On the other hand, the page or tab of survival will give you interesting features, such as the total no. of times the player has revived or being revived by teammates, the number of times the player has used painkillers, energy drinks, and some other boosting things.

Simply, in our opinions and point of view, the tracking site has more in-depth details, stats, data, or information than any other platform or app.

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Advantages of Lookup–a tracking platform:

  • There are several benefits of using this website. For instance, the whole data of a particular gamer can be pop up with just a single click of our finger.
  • Moreover, the entire information regarding player’s KD, season rank, game level, etc is available in it.
  • The stats, data, and information of all the gaming consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and smartphone can come out as well.
  • This website gives you complete coverage of the gaming personality so that you can set a well-researched setting within the game for better results and grabbing the Chicken-Dinner.
  • However, if you’re willing to organize a gaming tournament, then this feature will help you sort out the best available players after comparing their features and compatibilities.

What is PUBG Lookup? How to use it to see player’s stats?

Pubg API:

The statistic website gets your desired details and information with the help of Pubg API. The details include season stats, types and the number of kills the player has done, the weapons player has been gaining throughout the entire season, the total amount of damage the player has gone through, and so much more.

Pubg stats: How to search for ID?

In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to use the amazing platform of looking at the stats of Pubg players, whether they are your stats, teammates, or your enemy’s stats. So keep engaging on this guide to learn about the usage of lookup website developed by the gaming community.

Initially, the lookup might confuse you, but there’s no need to worry. You’ll learn how the platform works within few days of using it because it’s a simple process.

Now the big question arises, how to use this service, platform, or you can say website. First of all, all you needed is the accurate–the exact user name, the platform on which the desired player is playing, and the region of the game.

Let’s make this simple. For example, you’re finding a stat of a player who plays on the platform of PC, and in the region of South America alongside a correct name of the ID. After this process, you’ll need to select the option of the PC North America (pc-an). Notably, as mentioned above, enter the accurate or exact user name of the Pubg ID profile whom you want to see the stats on this site.

The reason behind forcing you again and again to enter the correct username (in-game name) is because only a single alphabet can misguide you about the player’s stats.

Full tracking – stat feature by Lookup:

After all this length process, if you’ve entered all the required information correctly, you’ll see all the in-depth stats from Pubg player from the number of kills to the accuracy of the match player. By default, the stats will be shown to us for the past two weeks, which you can also change to lifetime stats by pressing the button of “Full Stats”. However, the feature of “Full Stats” has less information and does not contain every match report.

The stats include the following details:

  1. Matches
  2. Season
  3. Ranked
  4. Lifetime

Pubg lookup is an amazing tool for tracking you as well as your teammate and rival player without making much effort. All you need is to remember the platform, region, and in-game name – IGN of the profile ID.

That’s all regarding the Pubg tracking website if you have any query whether it’s about using this or about entering the details. Let us know in the below comments so that we can help you to overcome your issue.

Till then, share this article with your gaming partners to aware them of this amazing service, a website to be precise.


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