What does op mean in gaming? Let’s know OP Full Form

OP Meaning in PUBG

Op Full Form or OP Meaning in PUBG

OP means Overpowered in PUBG. While playing different Multiplayer Battle Royale games especially PUBG, the gamers used several abbreviations of the phrases such as op meaning in PUBG. The reason behind using different abbreviations of the phrases is for making the chat in the game more effective and quick. When it comes to the full form of OP, it stands for Overpowered. Furthermore, you can also say that OP is a state or condition when any player reaches its peak in terms of infinite stamina, power and even luck like none other players in the game. The gamers not only used this term for weapons but also for the gameplay for appreciating it.

The term OP is not only used in PUBG but people use it in other games as well. If someone is using powerful guns in PUBG Mobile like AWM or M416, you can also say AWM is OP and M416 is OP (overpowered). Similarly, in the case of gameplay, one can also say that your gameplay was OP in case you grab your Chicken Dinner. Also, when you got some good clutches during solo vs. squad, your teammates can say OP.

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OP full form in PUBG:

When someone asks about What does op mean in gaming? or OP Full Form in PUBG Mobile or OP meaning in PUBG Mobile, there’s the only one-liner that means this form is used when a player overpowers the enemy. As long as many Multiplayer Battle Royale video games are taking over their users’, likewise, their users are also finding the easiest terms and phrases for chatting and making the gameplay easy. Not only OP but different players use different terms and phrases in online video games. For instance, when someone wants to appreciate other gamers while killing the enemies, he/she can use the term OP for its performance in the game. In other words, OP full form means you are appreciating the weapons used in the game.

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Different types of OP:

It may seem weird to you if you know that there are also kinds of OP in the game. But that’s a reality that there are some types of OP while you are playing video games especially Multiplayer Battle Royale video games including PUBG. If you think strength and power to destroy your enemy is the only things that make a character OP, you are wrong. There are other situations or states as well where we can use OP. some of its types are listed below:

  1. Intelligence: Intelligence is the power or sharpness of your mind or you can also say the IQ level. Intelligence is a common type of player’s OP. It can be used for characters or people who are way too smart as compared to their enemies.
  2. Luck: Interestingly, it is a unique type of player’s OP that is not liked with intelligence or strength. It also seems weird to you while reading this blog post. For instance, in games, you may get rare items, weapons and escaping from damage just through your luck.
  3. Emotion: It has been considered as the most powerful OP in the gameplays. Additionally, it increases the power of player who is already strong, powerful and intelligent. For example, a hero gets more aggressive, strong or powerful while seeing the villain in a video game.

OP and other terms full forms in PUBG Mobile:

As we all know, abbreviations are shortened forms of words and phrases such as OP. Moreover, it is quite important to know these terms’ forms for effective communication. The following are the important terms and abbreviations alongside their full forms used in several online games:

  • OP: it means overpowered. This abbreviation is used when a player overpowers the enemy without any extra effort.
  • GG: it stands for Good Game. Basically, it’s said after especially after winning a game. Also, it shows gratitude and thanking the winner.
  • AFK: it is abbreviated as Away From Keyboard. This term is used when the player is away from the device while playing the game. In the case of PUBG, you can say AFM which stands for Away From Mobile.
  • FPP: it means First-Person Perspective. TPP: it has the meaning of Third Person Perspective. Although both the terms i.e. TPP and FPP are used while discussing the settings in the game.
  • HP: it means Hitpoints or Health Points. Basically, this is the amount of health player has while playing. Furthermore, it means the maximum amount of damage one can get from the enemy.
  • DC means Disconnected. As the name suggests, it means that the person has gone out of the game due to several reasons such as server time out or a bad internet connection.
  • BRB: BRB stands for being right back. It shows that the person using this term will be coming after some time and he/she is out of the game for some duration of the game.
  • GLHF: it simply means Good Luck Have Fun. Commonly, this is said before the start of a game. Moreover, it has been said for wishing everyone good luck and for having healthy gameplay.
  • TY: it stands for Thank You. Similarly, GLHF also means the same thing. It conveys the gesture of gratitude to the other player.

In a conclusion, PUBG has made online gaming popular especially in the case of Mobile games. The terms or slangs including OP are not only used by the players in online games for effective communication but also for looking cool in front of other players and their teammates. Therefore, people are using many terms and abbreviations within the game for effective communication.

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