What can you do with kelp in minecraft?

What can you do with kelp in Minecraft?

Kelp is an underwater plant block added to Minecraft in the Java Edition of 1.13 and also in Bedrock Edition of 1.4.0. Players in Minecraft can eat dried kelp faster than any other food. Nine dried kelp can be crafted into a dried kelp block which can be used as fuel in Minecraft.

This thing can be mined instantly with the use of any tool or even with the player’s fist. Breaking one part of a kelp stalk destroys all the kelp blocks above it. Each block of kelp drops an item. Kelp is a plant in Minecraft, in fact, an underwater plant that grows naturally in most of the oceans. However, you must know that it does not grow in all the ocean surfaces. You will not find kelp from ocean biomes that are warm or deep-frozen. Each chunk of an ocean biome holds a 1 out of 18 chance to grow a single group or block of kelp.

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What can you do with kelp in minecraft?

Uses of Kelp in Minecraft:

The following are the main uses of kelp in minecraft:

Dried Kelp:

Dried kelp can be used in furnaces. You can use blocks or groups of dried kelp as fuel for the furnace in the game. The smelting recipe says that you can cook any fuel with dried kelp, and it will result in dried kelp in 0.1 seconds only.


Well, another important activity that Kelp can do is composting – The item can also be used for composting, and it has a 30% chance of raising the compost level of a composter. Since kelp is large in number and easy to farm, dried kelp could be perfect for all Minecraft compositing needs.


Wandering Traders can also sell kelp in exchange for three emeralds in minecraft.

Fuel source:

Once players have acquired kelp, it can be quickly converted into dried kelp by using a furnace and a fuel source such as coal.

Source of food:

Dried kelp is useful as it can be served as a food item in a pinch. Players can eat dried kelp almost twice as fast as the other food items in the game.


What is Kelp in Minecraft:

Kelp does not require a green thumb to manage. This can be planted on various blocks and grow in complete darkness. The only requirement for generating kelp is that it can only be grown underwater.

Players who are already familiar with farming sugar cane will know the basic requirements for farming kelp. Therefore, the only difference is that kelp must be placed in the dark and grown underwater.

How to make Kelp in Minecraft?

Kelp is placeable on a wide variety of blocks. It grows underwater in the darkness which means it does not require any light level to grow or generate. The following are the methods for generating kelp.


You can get it in the game by breaking or mining. You can mine kelp almost at any time just using your fist or any tool If you break one part of a kelp stalk, you would be destroying all kelp blocks above it and each destroyed kelp block will drop a kelp item.


If you are unable to mine kelp, then you can buy kelp from wandering traders and it will require 3 emeralds in exchange.


Well, there’s bad news also – you cannot craft or make kelp using a furnace. The only way of getting it is gathering this item while playing Minecraft.

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