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Water Resistance Tester: an app can accurately test phone’s waterproof seals without a drop of water

Water Resistance Tester: an app can accurately test phone’s waterproof seals without a drop of water

In the past week, Android Police spotted an Android application that can test the waterproof seal of your phone by just using the barometer in the smart device. This Android application tests the integrity of the smartphone’s IP67/IP68 rating by accessing the device’s barometer. Interestingly, this is available on the Google Play store as well as for free. Simply install the app, follow the instructions provided by the Water Resistance Tester, and after that, it will show the results, whether your device has passed the test or not. Hence, it’s simple, geeky, and practical.

Water Resistance Tester Uses and Gudelines

According to the developer of this brilliant app, Ray Wang claimed that he created it to help the users to see their smartphones’ waterproof seals after the repair or over use.

As mentioned, the Android app will not require any water for testing the full device support. Therefore, you don’t need to put your device in the tub full of water or in the lake or river for water testing.

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According to the feedback from the users on Play Store and Reddit users, they have given positive reviews for the testing of this app regarding waterproof seals. According to The Verge, they have also tested this app on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, an IP68 rated phone, and passed the test. While in the case of TCL 20 Pro 5G, it failed the test as it was not IP rated. As per the reviews of various users, this isn’t the only app that tried to test the waterproof seals on several devices, but the existing applications usually use the older user interface for the older typical phones. Therefore, this app stands alone in the terms of new smartphone devices. Additionally, the older apps didn’t give the accurate result of waterproofing as of Water Resistance Tester.

Water Resistance Tester App

However, the application is free of cost on the Play Store, but you can tip $1 to the developer for getting rid of ads that appeared on the bottom of the screen. Although it’s not a big amount for using the app smoothly without any obstacles or ads.

Notably, your phone needed to have a barometer as well as an IP rating for the functioning of this app. Also, if the manufacturer of the smartphone didn’t make your smartphone water-resistant at the time of manufacturing, you should already know the results without even using the app. Furthermore, this app could be pretty much helpful for you if you have recently repaired your handset or your device was in the water for some time.

Regardless of the results before or after testing the smartphone, you should be very careful about your mobile phone as the device has been with you for a very long time. Experts also claimed after sometimes your device’s water resistance will be compromised.

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