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Twitter’s iOS app allows sharing tweets to Instagram story

Twitter’s iOS app allows sharing tweets to Instagram story

The iOS app of Twitter has been updated for sharing tweets to the Instagram story. After the updated version of Twitter, the users’ experience of sharing tweet to the Instagram story has been enhanced. Before this much-awaited update from the micro-blogging platform, the users had to take a screenshot of their favourite tweet and then manually put it on Instagram’s status. The new feature from Twitter’s iOS app will be using a share sheet of Apple’s OS. Despite the tweet sharing tool, Twitter has also rolled out two new features in the latest update on its iOS app. These two new updates will empower the influencers to monetize their account as a result of paid subscriptions. These two new features have been given the name “Super Follows” and “Ticketed Events”.

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Process of sharing tweets to the Instagram story:

However, the option of sharing tweets manually to the Instagram story is still available for Apple devices. Anyhow, the new feature of sharing tweets is pretty much easy and worth knowing. Notably, the new feature works better with text- and image-based tweets. The option of share tweets to the Instagram story can be done by the following process:

  • Tapping the share icon underneath any tweet
  • Selecting the “Instagram Stories” from the list of apps available on the Twitter app

After the above process has been done, you will come to the Instagram story section. In the story section, the selected tweet can be resized, re-positioned, and beautified with text, stickers, music, and even annotations like the typical story sharing option from Instagram.


As we all know, sharing tweets to the Instagram story is a lot easier process, but on the other hand, sharing Instagram content to Twitter is still a hard job for users. If you wanted to add an Instagram link or URL to Twitter, it will only show plain wording or sentence nothing else. To recall, the feature of the Instagram link was available before 2012, but eventually, disappear from the app and never came back.

As we all know, the same feature of integration from Twitter with Snapchat added last year. Thus, the feature of Twitter’s sharing tweets to Instagram follows a similar function likewise Snapchat. Twitter has only made the feature of sharing tweets to Instagram for iOS users, but the company didn’t mention when the same feature will be coming to Android users.

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