Twitter Has Updated Its Verification Process

Twitter Has Updated Its Verification Process

Twitter has updated its verification process or criteria for the first time that allows anyone to apply for an authentication account. It has been letting for verification for the first time since 2017, as per the reports. Moreover, the social media company has also previewed the potential changes and the upcoming label for automated accounts or profiles. The prevision was done after the survey conducted by its users. Therefore, Twitter has been launching its public verification program after 2017. With the help of the upcoming verification program, users can gain the blue tick or badge on their profile. The users can apply for the verification badge and authentication after completing one of the given criteria from the company.  Once the account holder has completed the given criteria from Twitter, he/she will be awarded the blue tick on the profile. To meet twitter’s verification process, one should have a public interest’s account that comes under one of the six various types of categorizations. Other than six types of accounts, they should also be authentic, notable and active when it comes to the blue badge.

The company shortlisted the six categories of accounts that are eligible for their verification. The 6 categories are as given below, according to the company.

  1. Government officials or authorities
  2. Companies or brands accounts
  3. News organizations agencies and journalists
  4. Entertainment accounts
  5. Sports and gaming profiles
  6. Public figures, organizers, and other social media influencers

According to Twitter, after few days when you apply for the blue tick, you’ll get a response from the company whether you are eligible for an authentic account or not. Furthermore, once you have completed the entire requirement from Twitter, you’ll get the blue tick on your account’s profile. As per the reports from the officials, the process could be done within few weeks after the process. Twitter also claimed of evaluating the applications only by humans. If you apply for the blue badge and due to some reasons you don’t get a response from Twitter. In this case, you can apply again for the verification within 30 days. As a reminder, you don’t need to reapply for the verification of your Twitter’s account if you are already having an authentic profile with a badge.

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The social networking giant again started the public verification process after 2017. It stopped its public verification process in 2017 after facing criticism from all over the world for verifying the account of a white supremacist. The first public verification program from Twitter was started way back in 2009 for authenticating the accounts of high-profile personalities. After some time of its launch, the company stopped the verification program to the public. The social media networking giant again opened its verification process for the public in 2016. Twitter again paused its program in 2017 in order to clarify its rules and regulation for the verification.  In January 2021 Twitter gave its new policy regarding authentication of the accounts.  According to the new rules given by the company, the following things are required from the users for their authentication:

  • A verified email address or a phone number of the account holder
  • A profile image for the account
  • A display name or the user name

The accounts may also be suspended or removed their blue badge after the repeated violations of Twitter’s rule.

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