Google app that could transfer data of your iOS to Android

Google’s Switch to Android app

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Google app that could transfer data of your iOS to Android

Google is developing a new app Switch to Android app that will help to transfer your iOS data to your Android devices. This includes your entire app’s data as well as your iCloud data.  Typically, the users change their device of the same operating system, but when you want to migrate from iOS to Android, you’ll definitely face difficulties. By looking at this situation, the search engine giant has decided to launch an app that could move you’re your iOS data to Android.

Before the announcement of the” Switch to Android app”, users had to upload all types of data, including SMS, contacts, images, and videos to Google Drive. After uploading the data to Google Drive, users can then copy the data to their new smart device (iOS device). To recall, Google Drive is already available in the Apple Store for its users. That’s the best solution no doubt, but lengthy as well. Another drawback of using the old process is the amount of storage. The storage of Google Drive is 15GB by default, therefore if your entire data exceeds 15GB then you will have to purchase the paid version of the app. Hence, along with the lengthy process, there’re other issues as well for migrating your data from Google to iOS.

As a reminder, this news was broken by 9to5Google on its platform, if this news is accurate which definitely will be then in the upcoming few weeks it will be available on the platform of Apple Store. Moreover, people were demanding about this upcoming app for a very long time.

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The “Move to iOS” app has been available for over five years made by the developers of Apple. It’s been shocking that the Search Engine Giant has waited for so long for launching a similar app.


Google’s Application of transferring data:

In recent times, “Data Restore Tool” updated to the newer version 1.0.382048734. after the new update of this app, users are seeing the under the belt application similar to Apple’s Move to iOS for Android.

In the application, you could follow the below 3 steps for getting data.

  1. Install the Switch to Android app from the store of iOS
  2. Scroll down to your Wi-Fi settings
  3. Finally, connect to network ^1 and then enter the password ^2

Interestingly, the “Switch to Android” application will be having the text that contains your apps can be copied from your iPhone. However, Google didn’t announce that how the whole iOS app can be transferred to Android. Perhaps, downloading the Android version of the iOS app might be the only solution available. But on the other hand, those apps are mostly paid and there is no guarantee after downloading and purchasing these apps will transfer your app’s data or not. Therefore, you’ll have to wait with a pinch of salt.

As far as the launch date of the app is concerned, there’s no exact deadline for this, therefore, we will have to wait for the launch of the app to see full and accurate details of the app.


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