Middle-earth: Shadow of War Max Level | Max Level & Skins

Shadow of War Max Level

We will cover the details about Shadow of War Max level & Skins in the article below.  Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an action video game published by Warner bros. The game was a sequel of to 2014 “Shadow of Mordor“. The game was released world wide on different platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Game continues the story of last game that was based on the events accords between The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings.

Shadow of War earned positive reviews from gamers around the world,  praise was aimed towards the gameplay and an improved nemesis system. Wikipedia

shadow of war max level

Shadow of war max level

The game have multiple skills and the number of shadow of war max level that Talion can get are 85. every level will make you near to unlock more Skills. There are lots of skills but you have to be wise and choose the best one that can help you in your gameplay, After unlocking each skill you will be able to upgrade skills from level one to level three.

You’ll find our recommendations for primary and sub-skills in the order they appear on the skill tree.

  1. Hammer of Eregion (requires level 17)
  2. Combat Skill: Ceaseless Might (requires level 19)
  3. Mounted Skill: Shadow Mount
  4. Wraith Skill: Treasure Hunter
  5. Mounted Skill: Dragon Rider
  6. Wraith Skill: Consume
  7. Wraith Skill: Elven Light
  8. Predator Skill: Wraith Chain
  9. Combat Skill: Adamant (requires level 13)
  10. Combat Skill: Ground Finisher
  11. Ranged Skill: Detonate
  12. Combat Skill: Fatal Counter (requires level 15)

Shadow of war skins

You can customize the appearance of Talion’s by purchasing from different retailers or DLC. Complete skins come from the Game of the year edition.

There are total 7 Characters that can be customized:

  • Talion Skin (Default)
  • Caption of the watch skin
  • Litherial Skin
  • Bright Lord skin
  • Dark Ranger Skin
  • Lord of the hunt skin
  • Power of shadow Skin

Comment below to share your views and experience about the skins and levels of the game.

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