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Samsung nu8000 VS q6f

Samsung nu8000 VS q6f

The Samsung nu8000 and Samsung q6f have almost the same specification, but q6f has a little edge over the Samsung nu8000.

Samsung nu8000:

Samsung nu8000 is a UHD TV in which you experienced crystal clear pictures and videos with more than one billion colors which means 64 times more than average UHD TVs.

Some specifications of both mobile phones.

samsung nu8000 vs q6fn fair comparison



This model of Samsung gives you the ultra HD certified quality of the picture which means it will gives you the quality that is expected from the latest 4k resolution standards. 

Cable Solutions:

The backside of the NU8000 is designed in such a way that it allows the cables to be threaded through. The NU8000 TV’s stand lets you run cables through the center of the TV.

Eye Catching Design:

The nu8000 gives you eye catching design from every corner and from every angle of it. Every single detail of it is crafted from premium materials.


You can control all of your compatible Samsung devices with only one remote. You do not need multiple remotes for changing channels or doing any other thing with your TV or mobile device.

Voice control

The voice assistant now enables you to interact with your Samsung nu8000 TV. Simply ask the voice assistant to change the channel, increase or decrease the volume or even search on the YouTube.

Universal Guide:

This is a TV with everything in one place. The Universal Guide of this TV recommends the trending or viral videos and content just for you. Spend less time in searching and more time in watching.


Keep your smart devices connected with your TV. SmartThings is a feature in the TV that helps to connect various smart home devices, from your fridge to your mobile and to your laptops and tablets.

Control and connectivity:

 Samsung nu8000 is very easy to control and connect by taking full advantage of the Samsung Cloud.  You can connect your Samsung smart devices to sync photos or videos. With the help of this feature you can share your mobile or tablet pictures or images and enjoy them on your nu8000.


Play your high speed PC games on your TV via Steam Link without interruption and on obviously on the big screen. That makes the TV very unique to others TVs.

Specifications of Samsung nu800:

Resolution =3,840 x 2,160


No. of USB=2

Product type =LED


Samsung q6f:

The Samsung Q6F QLED TV offers strong picture quality and a great audio quality, mostly smart TV experience like never before.

Some of its features or specifications are given below:


 Q6f has highly state of the art LCD displays built to compete with OLED. 4k resolution, HDR+ support and a 120Hz refresh rate, these specifications make the display of the q6f very smooth and shows each and every thing in details


Among those is what Samsung calls 360-degree design. This TV looks good from any angle. This QLED has a 360-degree design that looks good from any angle and corner. The panel is surrounded by a metal frame, but it does not overlap the actual glass panel. The display panel of q6f is covered with the glass layer.


The Samsung Q6F supports both 4K and HDR gaming and runs smoothly with no additional settings to adjust. This includes support for 60 and 50Hz output and 10-bit color likewise the nu8000.


The audio quality from the Samsung 65Q6FN  is surprisingly very good as compared to nu8000 .The q6f  has two 40-watt speakers and a built-in subwoofer for extra voice.

Voice assistant:

For competing with Siri and Alexa, the Samsung has voice assistant that helps in the voice command offered by you. You just have to speak to the microphone and boom you have the results.


The Q6F comes with Samsung’s One Remote, which is helpful in controlling both Samsung mobile devices and TVs.


When it comes to the one on one comparison between the, the above features have shown that Samsung q6f had a little edge over the nu8000. The difference is not major but to some extent q6f is better than Samsung nu8000.


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