Samsung has replaced the older UI of its smart home app SmartThings

Samsung has replaced the older UI of its smart home app SmartThings

As per the news, the South Korean tech and electronic giant has rolled out the new update of its smart home app i.e. SmartThings to the operating systems of Android and its desktop version such as Windows. Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Vice President at Samsung Electronics broke the news of the new user-friendly experience of a smart home app of the company. According to Samsung Electronics, the new update has been made by keeping in mind the users’ feedback and interest. The electronics company also claimed that SmartThings an ideal platform that allows the users to enjoy smarter lives with smart gadgets. As per the reports, the smart home app of Samsung is available to download for Windows PC, though it won’t come with an update alongside the operating systems of Android and iOS.

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The previous or older user interface (UI) has been replaced by a faster and eye-catching look. To recall, the older UI was a slightly muted colour scheme that was full of greys and earth tones. The new interface has already been launched on Android and Windows PC with the iOS version to follow soon. Moreover, this new update of the SmartThings app will offer the same experience as you’re using the application on a Galaxy Book or any other Windows PC.



Sections of SmartThings app:

The new SmartThings design makes it easier to discover more smart home gadgets or things in the home. The new Samsung SmartThings’ app breaks down the app into five different sections. The 5 sections of the smart home app are as below:

  1. Favourites: This is the first or on the top of the list feature on the home screen of SmartThings. This part gathers the devices, scenes, and services which we mark favourite for our easy access.
  2. Devices: The part lets users view and control all the connected devices including connecting TVs, light bulbs, electronic appliances, and other smart devices.
  3. Life: This is a part to explore the growing world of the connected living where users can discover new SmartThings services. With the help of this section, you can learn about enhanced functions of the smart home app that improve the overall living experience, including SmartThings Cooking.
  4. Automation: It helps to connect devices and allow them to work and respond together. Moreover, one can do a simple task with this app in the home, such as a door opening and a light turning on.
  5. Menu: The menu section of the SmartThings app will have the options such as SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.


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