Post on Instagram via Desktop : From now you will be able to post on Instagram via desktop

From now you will be able to post on Instagram via desktop

According to most famous social media consultant Matt Navarra, Instagram is now testing a publishing feature of posts for the desktop version and from now anyone can post on Instagram via desktop. He shared some screenshots of how you will be able to create a post on Instagram using your computer. Therefore, from now you will be able to post on Instagram by using your PC. The mentioned above tipster shared the screenshots of posting on Instagram on the desktop on his Twitter account. He further revealed that the photo-sharing app has been also trying to test other features alongside creating posts on web browsers on the computer.

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According to the spokesperson of Facebook Christine Pai, we acknowledge that our many users access Instagram through their computer or desktop that’s why we are testing the feature of posting on Instagram through the web browsers. He further added that they are enhancing the ability to create a Feed post on their timeline through their desktop browser.

Post on Instagram via Desktop

Typically, we have seen that Instagram didn’t implement its main features on web app or browsers especially on desktops. For instance, the direct messages (DM) tool was launched on a web browser only a year ago. However, social media activists, professionals, and users who mainly use Instagram on their desktops or web browsers have to use third-party tools to create a feed post. Moreover, some users also use sideloading apps and tools for enhanced features of Instagram.

However, this feature of photo centred application is not available for beta as well for the public around the globe. The leaked photos showed that the feed post will be highlighted at the top right corner of the screen with a pop up “Now you can create and share posts directly from your computer”.

Meanwhile, the leaked screenshots show that you’ll be able to:

  • select aspect ratios
  • apply built-in filters
  • use basic editing parameters within the browser

As per the reports, some users will be getting a Plus icon (+) on their browser, but it’ll work only for posts for now. Unfortunately, the stories and reels are still not supported on the desktop.  After you add an image by dragging or manually browsing folders from the desktop, you will have the option to crop, edit, and applying filters to the image. Once you have edited, cropped, and applied filters to the image, there will be last options likewise on smartphones of:

  • to add captions
  • to add location
  • to tag people

Additionally, all the Advanced Settings of posts, including turning off comments, hiding likes and views, sharing options, etc will also be available. These leaks show that Instagram is serious about a broader rollout of creating a feed post on desktop.

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