Apple is going to allow picture-in-picture mode for YouTube in iPads or iPhones

Apple is going to allow picture-in-picture mode for YouTube in iPads or iPhones

Previously, the iOS app of YouTube for iPhones didn’t allow the users to let them watch videos while using other apps or browsers. Due to this problem, the tech giant comes up with an idea or new update like Android.  It is expected that Apple is going to allow picture-in-picture mode for Youtube in their iOS users, especially for iPhones. However, the exact date of the launch of the PiP feature on YouTube hasn’t decided. According to a spokesperson of YouTube, there are chances that this much-awaited feature will be going to launch in the last quarter of this year. The spokesperson also claimed that before launching it globally for free, it will be available for the premium subscribers of YouTube. Moreover, the first users to get this premium feature will be USA users.

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Before this feature was launch in the Android OS, a similar update was available for the iPad users who were using Safari instead of the YouTube app from Apple. As a reminder, in the iOS 9 for iPads, Apple added the support of picture-in-picture mode for YouTube videos. After that launch, iPad users with iOS 9 were able to do multi-tasking also known as floating windows in the Android language. People used to watch YouTube audio or video from YouTube’s video player alongside doing another activity on your device.  Since then, the pressure from iPhone users also arose for picture-in-picture videos on their devices.

Enabling of PiP mode on iPhones:

As we all know, Android users are enjoying this update since Android 8 or Oreo, but iOS users especially iPhone users are still waiting for this update. Also, most of us know how to use PiP without using YouTube Premium and that’s another discussion. If someone wants to activate picture-in-picture on their Apple smart devices, they will simply have to continue watching a video and leave it by swapping. After this, a mini player will be playing on the screen which can be dragged and resized with the help of the fingers. If you want to resize the mini-player, you can pinch your fingers and change the size according to your need. On the other hand, if you want the mini player to change its place, you can drag it to anywhere else on the screen.

This PIP feature integrates with YouTube to provide ‘eyetube technology’ straight to iPhone users. Furthermore, it is one of the most advanced features being rolled out to enable multitasking while watching YouTube in a small formfactor. Unfortunately, the subscription of YouTube premium is still required on both OS i.e. Android and iOS to let the users watch videos in the background with only audio in fact of both audio and video.

As mentioned above, there’s not an official date for the launching of PiP for iPhone users. Stay tuned to our website for further updates regarding PiP on iOS. We will update you as long as we get any news from the officials.

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