Panasonic OLED TVs get official

Panasonic OLED TVs get official

New 2021 Panasonic OLED TVs get official in the series of JZ1500, JZ1000 and JZ980.

The JZ980 model of series will come in a choice of 65, 55 and 48 inches OLED TV. Moreover, all models of the series will come with the latest technology of the OLEDs.

Not only OLEDs, but Panasonic has also announced a new range of LED TVs. The models will include in the series of:

  • JX940 series (75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, 49-inch)
  • JX850 series (65-inch, 58-inch, 50-inch, 40-inch), and
  • JX800 series (65-inch, 58-inch, 50-inch, 40-inch)
For OLED, Panasonic has complemented the flagship JZ2000 with the new JZ1500, JZ1000 and JZ980 series, with the latter three series available in 65-inch, 55-inch and – new for 2021 – 48-inch sizes. As with the JZ2000, these sets benefit from the colour tuning of Stefan Sonnenfeld, Founder and CEO of Company 3, and a trusted collaborator of some of the world’s best filmmakers.

All of the Panasonic OLED TVs have the new HCX Pro AI processor that was announced with the JZ2000 series. The processor helps to enable the new Auto AI picture mode within the OLED. Auto AI helps deliver an optimum experience to viewers by accurately detecting what kind of image or video is being viewed or played.  For instance, for cinema or sports, Auto AI then automatically adjusts the picture quality for its viewers. As all these models will equip with an AI Auto system, they will support Extreme Game Mode. This will enhance the gaming experience for gamers. The OLED TVs of Panasonic will also support AMD FreeSync Premium.

Design and Display of OLEDs and LEDs:

The JX940 series comes up with a 120Hz refresh rate of the screen. Secondly, it comes up with bright HDR cinema display panels and also with wide angles. The design of 2021 OLEDs and LEDs is simple and decent that allow the users to fully focused on the content rather than on the style or design of the TV. Additionally, all the models support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Both features are built-in that allow users to take actions over their voice commands.

After the launch, Panasonic supports the only 4k@60Hz, but there are chances that Panasonic will bring the firmware update. After the firmware update, the TVs will support 4k@120 as per the announcement.

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