Oppo Will Give 3 Years Of Phone Updates

Oppo will give 3 years of phone updates

The Chinese smartphone giant, Oppo will give 3 years of phone updates now but only for the latest X3 series.  Looking at Samsung, which offers 4 years of update of its security and Android version, Oppo has also realized to give 3 years of phone updates to its latest handset series of X3, according to the sources. Notably, after 4 years of Android and security updates, Samsung also stops official updates from its smartphones. Unfortunately, Oppo will give updates of only include security, as per the reports. However, the update of the Android version has yet to be cleared.  Furthermore, the Oppo Find X series will be having two Android updates during the period of three years.

For the clarity of the devices of 3 years phone updates, the Find X3 series currently includes the following models of handsets:

  • Oppo Find X3 Neo,
  • Find X3 Lite
  • Find X3 Pro

Likewise, Samsung, offering security as well as Android updates, Oppo also is being rumoured to roll out Android updates as well in its new devices.  As we all know, this new step of Oppo is considered a baby step for the competition of Samsung, more importantly, this is in the right direction. In the world of Android dominated by Samsung, but from now this market has been slowly overtaken by the Chinese smartphone manufacturers. We have been seeing major companies of Chinese that are now ruling the worlds’ smartphone industry. Oppo, Xiaomi, One Plus, Vivo etc are now at the top 10 best and biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. As a reminder, only Samsung is giving these Chinese companies handsome competition. Otherwise, no other smartphone manufacturer is nowhere near these Chinese companies.

However, the company has been experimenting for more than 3 years of security and Android updates for its smartphone, hopefully, the company will soon launch the 3 Android upgrades to its smartphones.

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