Vivo Tablet and OPPO Tablet: 3 tablets would be unveiled by OPPO and Vivo this year

Oppo and Vivo will Jump to the tablet industry

3 tablets would be unveiled by OPPO and Vivo this year

BBK-owned two smartphones manufacturers, Oppo and Vivo are now jumping into the tablet industry by making their own tablets like Oppo tablet and Vivo Tablet. According to the recent leaks, Oppo and Vivo, the two Chinese mobile phones manufacturers are announcing their three tablets in the last month of this year. The reason for stepping into the field of tablets manufacturing comes after its fellow and sibling companies i.e. Realme and OnePlus decided to launch their tablets. Moreover, another reason for making tablets could be pandemic as more and more students are having online education and classes. Hence, the industry of tablets has significantly grown, especially in the last year. Therefore, many parents as well as high school students wanted to buy tablets for their educational purposes. The reason for using tablets could be its bigger screen or display, even though the same functions in fact better specifications are already available in smartphones.

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The leaks were revealed by Digital Chat Station. According to Digital Chat Station, Vivo has two tablets in the developmental process while OPPO, its sibling company has only one. Both the BBK-owned smartphone manufacturing giants will be using their own Android skins in the upcoming tablets. Hence, we could see Vivo’s tablet running OriginOS, while Oppo’s tablet would run ColorOS on its tablets.

Tablets from BBK-owned mobile phone manufacturers:

As mentioned, Realme will be releasing its tablet namely Realme Pad this year. While OnePlus is also releasing its own tablet later this year. Notably, all these smartphone companies are part of BBK Electronics, therefore anything that happens within the company, other sibling companies are being notified. In addition to this, OnePlus, as well as Realme, are considered the closest companies with Oppo. That’s why the OnePlus upcoming tablet will be using ColorOS in its tablets, as an Android or OS skin. Hence, we can also predict, that’s the reason why Oppo is only launching one tablet rather than two.

Unlike Realme Pad, there isn’t any official announcement regarding the exact launch date of tablets from Oppo and Vivo. All that has been announced, that too from a tipster, is that these companies are developing tablets in their respective factories. However, one accurate thing is that they are manufacturing their own tablets and stepping into the tablets industry.

It is exciting to see that many smartphone developers along with Chinese manufacturers are going into the other industry, rather than only sticking to smartphone assembling and manufacturing sections.

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Specs of Vivo Pad (Rumored):

Recently, the leaked images of the Vivo tablet i.e. Vivo Pad have been rolling all over the websites. These leaked images show that the device will come with a full-screen display without any notches on top, especially for the selfie camera. Meanwhile, there’s no visibility of the front camera on the device. So, you’ll have to wait for seeing the actual place of the front camera. In the case of the rear camera, we could see a dual-camera setup alongside an LED flashlight. The back camera setup will be rectangular shaped and the house of all the sensors, according to the leaked images. When it comes to buttons, we will be seeing volume keys on the left of the device and a power button on the right side of the Pad.

As a reminder, Vivo and its sub-brand iQOO were reported to launch tablets and notebooks in the previous year. The reports came after Vivo along with iQOO registered trademarks, including Vivo Pad, iQOO Pad, iQOO Book, and also NEX Book. To recall, Vivo also registered the trademark “Vivo Pad” in Europe. In addition to this, the product name has also appeared in the database of the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

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