Oppo launched its A35 smartphone yesterday

Oppo launched its A35 smartphone yesterday

Oppo launched its A35 smartphone yesterday which is the rebranded version of the A15s smartphone launched in India in December of last year. All Chinese brands have a habit of launching its rebranded version of the smartphone model. If the same model arrives in china then there’s a chance that globally it would be of a different name and also will release after some time. Many Chinese smartphones manufacturers have the policy to launch their smartphone models with other names but similar specs and features. Similarly, like other Chinese models, Oppo has also launched its A35 which is rebranded variant of OPPO A15s.

The released model has not got the official retail price but the doubts of price could be clear in the upcoming days. Because the device is launched yesterday that’s why all the major specs and price of the mobile will be coming in the next few days. Keeping in mind the expected specs or features, Oppo A35 will be a budget-friendly smartphone. We have seen in the past few months especially during the pandemic or lockdown in the world, the smartphones makers are targeting the middle-class audience. Moreover, the average price becomes up to $200-250. In the same sense, companies are also not releasing their flagships models much.

Specs of Oppo A35:

However, yesterday the phone has launched that’s why the major specifications are revealed.

  • Likewise, its rebranded sibling A15s, Oppo A35 will also have similar features. Oppo A35 has 4GB of RAM. However, like A15s it will have a MicroSD slot for upgrade storage options. The built-in storage will be 128GB.
  • The display of Oppo A35 is built around a 6.52″ HD+ LCD
  • The device has a waterdrop notch for the 8MP selfie camera.
  • There will be 3 back cameras with the main camera of 13MP, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth un
  • At the back, we’ve got the fingerprint scanner.
  • The Oppo A35 has a huge 4,230 mAh battery and it will support charging through a micro-USB port at up to 10W.

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