OnePlus 9T Specs, Availability, LTPO technology, and Hardware revealed

Details About OnePlus 9T Specs

OnePlus 9T Specs, Availability, LTPO technology, and Hardware revealed

Display The OnePlus 9T Specs, availability, and display of the OnePlus 9T have been revealed by the tipsters before its official launch. The device will be using Samsung’s LTPO display and also a variable refresh rate of its screen. Moreover, the OnePlus 9T will be the next flagship smartphone from the company. The OnePlus 9T is followed by its previous model of the company i.e. OnePlus 9. To recall, the BBK- electronics’ owned company launched the OnePlus 8 and released its T version after the launch. In the case of the OnePlus 9, the company has similar plans for its T variant.

Notably, the BBK-owned smartphone manufacturer has the habit of launching its T variant of flagship devices after every six months. Therefore, the company launched the One Plus 8T after six months of the OnePlus 8. The 8 models of the smartphone company rolled out in the April of last year and its T version was launched exactly after six months in October.

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According to a well-known tipster, the upcoming device will be using a Samsung E4 LTPO OLED display with a changeable 120Hz refresh rate and FULL HD+ resolution. As per the case of resolution, the Android phone will have a higher display resolution of 1440×3216 pixels as compared to the simple OnePlus 9.

OnePlus 9T Specs, Availability, LTPO technology, and Hardware revealed

LTPO Display and technology:

Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) is a technology that has been synthesized at relatively low temperatures and is better than AMOLED display. Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide is a type of hardware that helps the display screen to change its refresh rate. With the help of the LTPO display and screen, one can bring down the refresh rate from 120Hz to the only 1Hz. Furthermore, by using this technology, you can save your battery from 5 percent to 15 percent. So the OnePlus 9T using an LTPO display will consume less power.

OnePlus 9T Availability:

The OnePlus 9T is expected to launch in the last quarter of this year i.e. 2021. Unfortunately, the smartphone maker has no future plans of launching its Pro model like its 7T series. However, OnePlus itself hasn’t revealed or given any date regarding the launch of 9T.

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