Nintendo Switch OLED model unveiled: Display, Pricing, and Availability

Nintendo Switch OLED model has been finalised!!!

Nintendo Switch OLED model unveiled: 7-inch display, Price of $350, and availability from October 8th

The next updated variant of Nintendo Switch Console has been announced with the OLED screen. However, according to Nintendo, the new model is mostly a display upgrade from its previous version. The Japanese gaming device will feature the following upgrades after its launch:

  • an updated display with a 7-inch720p OLED display
  • increased storage up to 64GB
  • improved speakers
  • the new Switch would ship with a new Nvidia chip inside
  • the new model will be supporting 1080p via TV mode, although the rumors had suggested 4K support on TV mode.

If you had a proper eye on the news of Nintendo Switch, you should know that this new OLED screen model has been reported heavily in the past few months. Therefore, to retain the interest of its users, the company finally decided to announce the new Switch. According to the officials of the company, Nintendo has chosen to launch the next Switch after the company’s E3 show. To recall, the E3 show mainly focused on new Switch games. Meanwhile, the reports have suggested that this new Switch could appear even before the E3 show that will be starting in the last month of 2021.

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Under the hood, we are not seeing any big changes. Meanwhile, the rumors suggested that the upcoming console will be featuring Nvidia SoC. You can buy this console only at $350 starting from October 8th. Other than software and hardware, the new Nintendo Switch will have an updated and adjustable stand for tabletop play.

Additionally, the OLED screen model of Nintendo Switch has been releasing just after the two years of Nintendo’s Switch Lite- which is a smaller as well a cheaper variant of the original Console. As a reminder, Nintendo Switch Lite was priced at $199 and released in September 2019.

OLED model

Specs of Nintendo Switch OLED model:

Nintendo has claimed that there aren’t major changes in Console within the CPU or RAM. According to the spokesperson of Nintendo, Nintendo’s OLED model will not have a new CPU or more memory, as compared to its previous Nintendo Switch Consoles. Also, the tipsters claimed similar changes as revealed by the company itself.

In the case of audio, the company claimed enhanced audio to its predecessor. Also, Nintendo doesn’t give many details about the changes or improvements of sound speakers. But the company claimed that the audio or sound from the bottom-firing dual speakers on the Switch has been improved as compared to the original, current, and standard model.

As per the reports, there would be few changes or upgrades in the OLED model. According to Nintendo, the battery life of the mentioned model will be over none hours, that’s the same amount of battery timings of the current model of Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, the screen of the OLED model will be 7- inches, which is bigger than its previous version of 6.2 –inches. Therefore, the weight of the model will also increase. Hence, the new Switch will be slightly heavier weighing 0.71 pounds (0.32kg) as compared to the 0.66-pound (0.29kg) weight of the current Switch.

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