Next version of Windows : Microsoft could end the support of Windows 10 by 2025

Microsoft could end the support of Windows 10 by 2025

To recall, Windows 10 was first released in 2015 after its predecessor of Windows 8. According to analysts and experts, this operating system of Microsoft is a mixture of Windows 7 and 8. Though, it also contains enhanced optimization features other than its previous versions.  According to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy,( Windows Next Version) this operating system variant could end its official support by 2025. Also, there’s a policy from the software giant to support the windows variants for only 10 years. Therefore, there’re only 4 years left for its updates or support by the company.

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Moreover, the page of Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy also listed the date of its retirement that will be the 14th of October, 2025. Ten years of support from the software company to its OS are more than enough as many OS haven’t get that kind of long support from their developers.  The good and positive thing is that we are going to see a new, updated, optimized, and enhanced operating system after 2025.

Notably, before the proper launch of Windows 11, Microsoft will need to bring its beta test for the public and its users. According to an unofficial announcement, the developers of Windows 11 have future plans of rolling out its beta tests for their users. Currently, the developers of the Microsoft operating system have been busy developing the basic structure and design of it. Meanwhile, the software giant has been also in touch with various other developers of the same field for their concerns and suggestions.

Windows 10

Next version of Windows:

However, Microsoft announced on the 24th of June that they will be showing off their next version of Windows, but we don’t know what they really meant. They also meant showing off the next version to launch the major updates of Windows 10, they also mean for the teasing of the next version of Windows i.e. Windows 11 maybe. The announcement was made for controversy or you may call it pre-planned hype. We can just wait until the 24th of June for their showing off their next version. Hopefully, there will be a teaser of Windows 11 from Microsoft.

As there are only 4 years left for the current Windows version, so this is a good initiative from the company to start working on its successor. In the meanwhile, the company will probably be giving the idea of the next variant of Microsoft OS, according to the sources. However, it is not going to be launch in the upcoming two or three years, but the teasers of the operating system will be given by the company from time to time. Furthermore, we’ll have the details about the Windows in the upcoming weeks and we will definitely share them with you. Till then, you will have to wait with a pinch of salt.


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