Netflix to launch 40 anime movies and shows

Netflix to launch 40 anime movies and shows

Probably, by the end of the year, Netflix will have a much larger anime collection. At Tokyo’s AnimeJapan 2021 Expo, the announcement was made; Netflix to launch 40 anime movies and shows in 2021. This is by far the biggest news for movies and shows lovers. As the pandemic continues, so OTT platforms like Netflix will have huge traffic on their platforms. Netflix launching about 40 anime shows and movies this year is double the number of titles it released in the previous year. It looks like; this is Netflix’s aim to built interest to appeal to the audiences in Asia. However, in the international markets like most North American viewers already have a subscription(s) of their Netflix account. But in the case of Asia, many people don’t have a subscription. So you can say its strategy for more subscribers or many other factors etc.

New movies and shows like Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and the manga series Record of Ragnarok are ready to roll out on Netflix in the upcoming days or week. Netflix announced that Eden and Yasuke are both brand new stories brought to life with the help of international creators. Moreover, to strengthen Netflix’s goals to diversify their lineup of anime, they are working with top creators from both in-and outside of Asia.

Netflix anime adaption list:

Netflix revealed the anime adaptation of:

  • Japanese manga Record of Ragnarok
  • The Way of the Househusband
  • There’s also Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.
  • It has also launched a new poster for Yasuke revolving around a Black
  • There’s also Eden, which is set thousands of years in the future. Moreover, it is about two robots secretly raising a human child.
 “We want to be able to pride ourselves as being the top entertainment destination with good quality content,” Taiki Sakurai, Netflix’s chief anime producer, told Bloomberg. “The growth of our business is directly connected to the growth of our anime.”

It is expected that the worldwide anime market will expect to grow more than $36 billion by 2025, which was $23 billion in 2020). According to the sources, Netflix claimed the number of households that streamed its anime offerings last year increased by half from 2019.


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