Netflix Is Testing a New Platform of N-Plus

Netflix is testing a new platform of N-Plus

According to the reports, Netflix Is Testing a New Platform of N-Plus probably known as Netflix plus. Moreover, it will also be described as a future online space where the users can learn about the content of the streaming giant. As per the reports, this was teased through a survey by the company where the company asked the users about podcasts, user-generated playlists, how-tos, and more. However, the new feature is totally dependent upon the responses from the users. As per the spokesperson of Netflix, the survey was regular like the previous one asking their users about what changes they want.

On the other hand, the company didn’t mention any subscription charges for the new platform. One thing is decided that the new N Plus platform will be having a subscription fee. As we all know, Netflix has been adding behind the scenes, interviews and also reviews of the videos on several social media platforms. After this new platform will be launched, then all behind the scenes (BTS), reviews of the movies and interviews of the actors will be published on a single platform of Netflix Plus (N Plus).

Not only this, but the teasers of upcoming shows will also be showed on this platform. Furthermore, the N Plus will also be appearing in the search engines making users comfortable while searching for their favourite TV show(s). The survey also suggested making a list of all the music used in the TV shows in order to create a playlist. Additionally, with the help of N Plus, the users could also create a playlist of their favourite shows and seasons. Notably, the new feature will only be launched after a positive response from the users.


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