Microsoft Office plans to replace Calibri font

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Microsoft Office plans to replace Calibri font

In the 2007 version of Microsoft Office, the default font was Calibri in Office. But after more than a decade Microsoft Office plans to replace Calibri font as a default. The Calibri font was made in 2007 after the launch of Microsoft Office. Microsoft announced the change of font in a blog post. The new font has been changed as a default in the office since 2007.

The company is planning to add 5 new fonts to its office. The new 5 fonts are as below:

  • Bierstadt
  • Grandview
  • Seaford
  • Skeena
  • Tenorite

Out of these five fonts, one font will be selected for Microsoft Office as per the opinions of the users. Moreover, all these five fonts are already available to download through the Microsoft Support website. As a reminder, the Times New Roman was also being replaced by Calibri font. Fortunately, however, if you are a fan of Calibri font then the font will be still available on Microsoft Office. The lovers of Calibri font can use it by changing the settings from Office.  According to Microsoft, the Calibri has served well, but the company believes it’s time to replace it with someone else.

Microsoft Office 2021:

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced releasing Office 2021 and Office 2021 LTSC versions. The versions will be launched sometime this year, according to Microsoft. However, Microsoft neither gave an exact date nor any details about any new features of Office 2021 and Office 2021 LTSC versions. The new Office 2021 will be a successor for Office 2019 and the Long Term Servicing Channel version. The new release will bring dark mode support among multiple apps of the apps including Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and MS Word.

After the news, the users on social media and other media platforms gave a mixed reaction.  Some users appreciated this change while others criticized the company for changing it after 14 years.

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