Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac released

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Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac released

Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac released alongside Office LTSC which is abbreviated as Long-Term Servicing Channel, as a preview.  Both MS Office and LTSC will be launching in the next month. Unfortunately, both MS Office and LTSC will be only available for commercial customers. Moreover, both versions of Office don’t need any subscription and any cloud to run. However, both the version will not be available for Windows OS for preview. As per the reports, the MS Office will work with both kinds of Mac’s processor i.e. Intel processors and Apple Silicon. As a result, the final version of Office 2021 for Mac will be available later this year after the preview.

The installation of both offices will require at least 4GB of RAM and 10GB of storage in the Mac(s). The office has been designed in such a way that it will become a static release for Mac(s). During the preview of MS Office and LTSC, there could be monthly updates of them. The new monthly updates will include new features of the Office. After the MS Office 2021 for Mac is final and released, no further features will be added to it.

Currently, the new improvements in the MS Office 2021 include:

  • Line Focus in Word; this update will remove distractions that will help users to move through a document line by line.
  • XLOOKUP in Excel; a feature that can help you find things in a table or row.
  • Dynamic array; this feature will be available in Excel. It has enhanced functions in spreadsheets.
  • Moreover, you can also record a slide show in PowerPoint.


On the other hand, LTSC will also include improvements like dark mode support, accessibility improvements and similar features of MS Office like Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP. Also, Office 2021 for Windows will include similar features as Macs.

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