Microsoft is unveiling its “next generation” Windows on 24 June

Microsoft is unveiling its “next generation” Windows on 24 June

Microsoft plans to launch its next-generation Windows on 24 June 2021 through its virtual event. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella teased the upcoming update of Windows. Moreover, the upcoming updates in Windows will be significantly helpful for the creators or developers as there’s an option for a monetization program for them. Previously, this upcoming update was given the codename “Project Sun Valley”. The “next generation” of Windows will come with the new UI and App Store. Moreover, the logo of the Windows will also change a little bit whereas the older 95-icons will also be replaced by new ones. Notably, the complete features of new generation Windows have not revealed. However, some of the highlighted features came from the officials. We all have to wait for the event on 24 June for the complete list of updates. Till then we can’t announce or gave any glimpse of further updates for the Microsoft OS.


The announcement for the upcoming event of Microsoft was listed on “The Redmond”- the US-based tech giant that gives the news and reports of upcoming events or updates from the major tech giants. According to “The Redmond”, the event of Microsoft has been scheduled for June 24 at 11 am Eastern Time (8.30 pm IST). On the other hand, Microsoft also uses Twitter for the news of its new event. The software giant used the Windows Twitter account to reveal the news with an attached image of the new logo of Windows. If you’re interested in the upcoming event, you can go to the event page and set a reminder for 24 June at 11 am Eastern Time. The CEO of Microsoft also only teased the limited and highlighted updates and said to its users to wait for the main virtual event.

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Nadella claimed this update as one of the biggest updates of Windows over the decade. As a reminder, Windows 8 and 10 were launched in the last decade and Windows 8 was considered the most improved one to its previous versions. Also, many users decided to end up using Windows 8. As a result, the company rolled out its major features or functions to the next OS (Windows 10). From now, almost all the features of Windows 8 are available in Windows 10.

However, in the latest Windows there are only minor changes that include:

  • Full-screen Metro-environment
  • A classical desktop environment with several touch gestures

According to the researchers, experts, and analysts, the upcoming next-generation Windows is likely to be named “Windows 11”. This could be named as 11 but it’s too early as there is the main event coming that will kill the rumours.

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