Microsoft is in talks to buy AI Company Nuance Communications

Microsoft is in talks to buy AI Company Nuance Communications

Bloomberg on Sunday reported that Microsoft is in talks to buy AI Company Nuance Communications. Probably, the companies are making a deal of around about $16 billion. Yet these are only the leaks announced by Bloomberg, but the officials of both Microsoft and Nuance Communications haven’t confirmed the deal. Microsoft is avoiding revealing any detail about the deal with Nuance. Keeping in mind the future of Artificial intelligence, Microsoft is making this deal. As we all know, the future of technology is artificial technology.

According to Bloomberg, both companies are negotiating a price of about $56 per share.

A stock of 23% of Microsoft closes last Friday. If the deal happened then it would be the second-largest deal of Microsoft after LinkedIn. As we all know, Microsoft bought LinkedIn back in 2016 at the price range of $26.2 billion.

Just a reminder, Nuance is a Burlington, Massachusetts-based Artificial Technology company that helped in launching Apple’s assistant Siri.

Additionally, the heads and higher officials of Microsoft have been taking a keen interest in making this deal possible. According to leaked sources, Microsoft wants to buy Nuance Communications for making their apps and websites more efficient. After buying the company, Microsoft will be able to run its system more effectively by targeting an accurate audience.  Artificial intelligence helps to makes the system detect the right and targeted audience.

Microsoft and Artificial intelligence:

Likewise, other tech giants and companies are heavily investing in artificial intelligence; Microsoft also aims to invest more in this field.

In 2020, Microsoft launched a powerful supercomputer for AI work. The supercomputer contained 285,000 processor cores. Moreover, in 2018, Microsoft also acquired XOXCO, a startup that develops conversational artificial intelligence that is commonly known as chatbots. From the above analysis and details of the importance of artificial intelligence in the field of technology, it is cleared that artificial intelligence is the need of today.


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