Mastercard Deal With Bitcoin

New Deal of Bitcoin with Mastercard

Mastercard Deal With Bitcoin

Mastercard is a global payment network. It is the world’s second-largest payment network which is supported internationally. The first global payment network is Visa. Mastercard is operated in more than 210 countries. Recently it is confirmed that a new MasterCard deal with bitcoin is done. It was announced by MasterCard in their blog that they are accepting some cryptocurrencies at the end of this year. To be sent online on their payment network. This is a great achievement for mainstream payment gateways. This will revolutionize the complete cryptocurrencies step by step as MasterCard is the first to put their efforts into cryptocurrencies to bring them as valuable. As we all know that cryptocurrencies are still predicted to be very risky by investors. But as we have now, seeing that MasterCard is eliminating the barrier. Mastercard’s Head of Digital Asset and Blockchain
Mr. Raj Dhamodharan said in the blog post.

“This is a big change that will require a lot of work. We will be thoughtful about which assets we support based on our principles for digital currencies, which focus on consumer protection and compliance.”

According to some sources, it is speculated that this action was taken by MasterCard. In response to Tesla buying $1.5 Billion Worth of Bitcoins. Tesla announced that they have bought bitcoins on their corporate cash for future investments of the company. According to Tesla, they will use bitcoins in near future as a form of payment. In exchange for their products. After the MasterCard deal with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies broke out the price of bitcoin goes higher in one single day from 47k something to 48k. The stock of Mastercard has also seen to be going high after the deal.


Mastercard Deal With Bitcoin

List of Cryptocurrencies Approved by Mastercard

This is not disclosed yet as to which cryptocurrencies they will support at the start. But as we all know that the cryptocurrencies are safe and secure to be used by the people and people have their trust in them.

The list of some most secure cryptocurrencies are following

Note: all the prices are shown on the date of (14/02/2021)

Bitcoin ( $ 48,803.00 )
Bitcoin Cash ( $ 709.37 )
Cardano ($ 0.913 )
Litecoin ($ 227.09 )
Steller ($ 0.554 )
Ethereum ($ 1,839.00 )
Ripple (XRP) ($ 0.622.00 )

Mastercard has done their work now the rest of the global payment services are looking towards it. They will also follow the footsteps of the Mastercard to do it as the master card did. As we all know the future is all about cryptocurrencies and transparency.


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