Lenovo has unveiled the “Go Wireless Charger Kit” for laptops

Lenovo has unveiled the “Go Wireless Charger Kit” for laptops

You are annoyed of plugging your laptop into a charger every time you work on it and feel discomfort of wires hanging around it? Then you don’t need to worry now, Lenovo has unveiled Go wireless charger kit for laptops. With the help of this product, you can charge your laptop without any wire. Moreover, the product of wireless charging from Lenovo will be released in October 2021. The price tag of the “Go Wireless Charger Kit” is expected to be $139.99 or $140. Notably, the wireless charging product will charge several types of laptops.

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Interestingly, this kit from Lenovo will turn any laptop device into wireless. Also, the charger kit will be using “Power by Contact” technology from Energy Square, rather than the typical common Qi standard technology. When it comes to the charging kit, it has been made into two separate parts or gadgets. The two parts are as below:

  • Mat
  • Receiver

The mat is a 3.2mm-thick brushed metal charging part that you can plug into the wall and leave near your device. While the charging receiver will attach to the base of your laptop connected via USB-C. According to Lenovo, this charging product will charge 13-inches to 14-inches non-touch laptop devices with an efficiency of 65W. Additionally, the maximum battery percentage of the devices will be 93 per cent. Furthermore, the wireless charging product or kit from Lenovo will work on both major operating systems of desktops i.e. Windows and macOS.

Wireless Charger Kit

Wireless charging on smart devices, especially on laptops is pretty much unique and rare. Since major laptop manufacturers are still relying on the old-school technology for charging batteries i.e. with wired chargers. Therefore, Lenovo has taken one step ahead of other laptop developers. Before Lenovo, the DELL was the first company that introduced the concept of wireless charging in the laptop industry. Dell introduced a 2-in-1 charging kit in 2017 namely Latitude 7285. Unfortunately, that product was more of a tablet than a laptop that charged through a keyboard base.

Many other companies also wanted to launch their wireless charging for laptops, but nothing happened. Intel, a reputable name in the laptop industry, also tried to include Rezence magnetic resonance charging technology into the laptops, but failed.


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