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The Best You Can Have With Kiipix SmartPhone Printer

Hello, folks today I have to bring you a very cool gadget which is kiipix smartphone picture printer. This device has a very cool feature that it doesn’t use any Bluetooth device or battery connectivity for printing. One should simply put it on the top of kiipix image or picture printer. It simply prints it out on Instax paper. Today I will share with you how this smartphone picture printer works and how to use it to take the coolest pictures possible.

Kiipix Mobile Printer

The Printer itself is quite compatible that you can carry it everywhere you want. The kiipix smartphone picture printer is made of a plastic body and available in different colors. To use this printer you have to buy Instax paper separately for it.

Loading Paper in kiipix smartphone picture printer:

On the back of the printer when you flip it over you have to open the head gently. Load Instax paper to it that you have purchased into the picture printer. There is one important thing that you have to remember: when you put your Instax paper in the back of it. There will be a yellow mark to keep it facing upward when you load it into the printer. Close the lid on the back and click on the wider to be closed perfectly. So this is it you are ready to go now with your picture printer of the smartphone by kiipix.


kiipix printer

How To Use Kiipix Phone Printer

  1. You have to remove the first paper of the Instax paper as it is always the test paper. Go ahead, turn the dial, and remove the paper from it as it is the first picture from the printer.
  2. As we have removed our first protector page from it now open the printer. The top opens the two wider of the printer and takes out the framer from it just pull it out. Remember to always keep clean the camera lenses as it always depends on the printer quality. In this smartphone, the printer mirror is also attached to the printer that shows you that the picture is either aligned or not. Once you put your smartphone on the top of it to show you the exact place where to fit your mobile.
  3. With the top of your smartphone, there is a very super important thing it’s shutter release so you have to put it down. Make sure the smartphone is perfectly placed on the kiipix printer. Where you want it to be placed but this thing is super important as it is the main thing which helps the printer to capture the image in great quality.
  4. When you removed the white frame adjust the wider and do the most important thing on your phone. Turns off the automatic display and remove the auto-lock so it doesn’t turn off when you are taking the pictures. Make the brightness full so you can get the full best results.
  5. Now choose the photo and align it with the frame and zoom the area of the image in the frame that you want to print.
  6. Fold it over and place it on the top.
  7. Check the mirror and see if it’s okay.
  8. Now Press the Shutter release button as I have told you that it is the key thing.
  9. Now roll the dail and you will see the print rolling out from the kiipix smartphone printer.

Kiipix Pictures


These are some pro tips that hopefully you will find helpful. When you are using it for the first time as it is always hard to use a new thing like this.

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