iOS 14.5 released for Apple devices

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iOS 14.5 released for Apple devices

The biggest update of iOS 14.5 for Apple devices has been released. After the release, we came to know that iOS 14.5 has been released for iPad(s) and iPhone(s).  The new update of iOS 14.5 has come up with interesting new features for Apple devices. The new update follows the January iOS version of 14.4 and it offers a lot more features and options than its predecessor. Also, the new software update includes a range of bug fixes and performance enhancements. iPad and iPhone users can install the latest version of iOS 14.5 software update on their devices by following steps as mentioned below:

Go to Settings > General > Software update.

Features of iOS 14.5:

The new software version has the following new features as below:

First of all, all the significant improvement in this version is privacy. It allows the users to prevent them from tracking from any installed application. This means if you are being tracked by any certain app then you could be notified. The new privacy feature brings your security and privacy to another level. There’s also an option that allows you to turn off that tracking app.

Keeping in mind the security measures due to Covid-19, the company has enhanced the face recognition feature. This new face feature will detect the face of the user even he/she is wearing a mask. This means you can unlock your Apple devices even by wearing a mask.

The new update will also feature 217 new emojis. Interestingly, Apple has also updated the syringe emoji that will no longer come up with blood. The iOS 14.5 also comes with some new features for Podcasts. There are also some improvements for 5G with dual SIM support for 5G connectivity. In this version, the Apple Maps app receives an update for reporting hazards, speed checks and much more. Furthermore, the new update supports the latest Xbox Series X S Wireless controller for gaming.

There are also several changes to Siri with more voice options and improvements. Siri comes up with some exciting new features. The iOS 14.5 software update also includes new features for Apple Music.  With the help of new features for Apple Music, you can now share your favourite lyrics through Messages, Facebook, Instagram etc.

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