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Instagram’s new feature of Exclusive Stories will allow sharing stories to the fans only

Instagram’s new feature

Instagram’s new feature of Exclusive Stories will allow sharing stories to the fans only

Likewise Twitter’s Super Follows, Instagram is also working on a similar update that allows the content creators to share stories with their fans or followers. According to TechCrunch, the developer- Alessandro Paluzzi has named the new feature “Exclusive Stories”. According to him, the upcoming feature allows the content creators to post exclusive or particular content in their stories that will be seen by their followers, fans, or subscribers. Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots from his Twitter account regarding the big business update. In the shared screenshots, he clearly showed us that how the story color will be of the content creator. As per the screenshots, the story will be purple in color (in the case of Closed Friends, we had seen the green color of stories).

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Moreover, you will not be able to take screenshots of the Exclusive Stories, as per the upcoming reports. Interestingly, if you are not following a certain content creator or Instagram celebrity, you won’t be able to see the story either. When you will be trying again and again for seeing the Exclusive Story, a dialogue box will appear: Only followers can watch this story. Even though you are willing to see the story, you’ll have to follow that particular personality. If that celebrity has a private account, then you’ll have to request to follow the account. Whereas, if the account is not private, you will not have to request for following that Instagram account as usual.

If we look at this update, it’s too early as only screenshots are being shared by the developer itself. We can only assume the upcoming feature from several sources. One thing is accurate that the CEO of Instagram- Adam Mosseri is always speaking in the public about the subscription of Instagram’s accounts or pages likewise other apps and services, such as Spotify and YouTube. Notably, apart from shared screenshots and tweet, the content creating app didn’t share anything else. Furthermore, the CEO also claimed for not doing any tests of this story feature. However, many rumors were spreading by different sources that the photo-sharing app has been testing its new update within the company.


The photo-sharing website and app also confirmed that the circulating screenshots around several websites and social media platforms are real. The developers of the app are in the process of developing this new and unique feature for their users.

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If we look in the recent few years, we have seen the number of social networking websites and apps allowing content creators to monetize their work. Hence, we are seeing intense growth in monetizing content creators from almost all digital platforms. Following the trend of monetization, Facebook introduced its newsletter platform- Bulletin, which allows the journalist to receive a fee from the subscribers of their newsletter. In the case of Twitter, it introduced Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces in the recent time that allows Twitter users to share exclusive tweets with their subscribers only. Substack, another newsletter platform as well as website, allow the news creators to get pay by their subscribers.

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