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Instagram couldn’t create thread

Have you seen the warning “Instagram couldn’t create thread”? Irritated? Disappointed? There are others besides you. Numerous Instagram users who receive this unpleasant notification question why they are unable to start a thread even when they are connected to the internet. Why you encountered the “Couldn’t create thread” error, how to resolve it, and how to avoid seeing it again in the future are all covered in this article.

Additionally, it should be highlighted that the issue has before affected the entire world, making the current Instagram outage unusual.

What causes the “Couldn’t create thread” problem on Instagram?

Instagram will suspend you from direct messaging if you’ve sent far too many messages in a row to other users.

For one of two reasons: either Instagram will assume you are a bot sending out automated direct messages, or that you are abusing the direct messaging tool.

Otherwise, the error can be occurring due to a problem with Instagram direct messages.

The Down Detector website allows you to check Instagram’s status.

If you notice an increase in reports, Instagram is likely down.

In either case, Instagram will temporarily stop you from sending direct messages.

The block is a “cooldown” that may extend for a few hours, 24 hours, or more depending on a number of variables.

Another Question Arises

I received a “Couldn’t create thread” problem; what should I do?

You’re more interested in how to solve this problem than what caused it, so we’ve listed all of the issues and their fixes below.

1.      When You Send Too Many Direct Messages

Everybody sends direct messages, therefore we are all free to message several people and receive responses. Maybe you have an Instagram company or your friend list is getting longer and more populated with individuals you know. Additionally, you can be doing it to introduce yourself to prospective or current new followers.

This is where the error really started.

You must quit repeatedly sending others direct messages if you want to avoid getting the “Couldn’t create thread” warning.

You will have a very low likelihood of experiencing Instagram’s “Couldn’t create thread” problem once you cease repeatedly direct messaging other users.

We acknowledge your justifications, but you ought to attempt to keep your DM sending to a minimum. You will find a remedy when you stop sending so many DMs to people because, as was previously stated, it is the primary source of the issue. Sending your DMs at intervals of 10 minutes is advised. By doing this, you can be certain that your thread is secure and that IG won’t send you any problem warnings. Following these will also enable you to safeguard your account in the future against an unheard-of ban or block.

2.      You Are Using a Bot To Automate Messages

Instagram despises bots and spam and takes all necessary measures to get rid of them, including deactivating users who utilize bots. You’re better off removing the bots from your phone, whether it is done by third-party apps or you have done it intentionally one of the things that bots are infamous for is spamming consumers with repeated messages, bulk-DMing unknown users, or sending pre-written responses to your customers. So if you want to avoid the issue, cease utilizing automation altogether. So if you want to avoid the problem, cease utilizing automation altogether.

3.      Delete or Remove Access to Third Party Apps

To delete third-party apps from your device

  • Open the app’s setting
  • You may find the third-party application you wish to delete here.
  • Uninstall it from your device

You don’t have to force yourself to delete any third-party apps if you use them because they are too useful or they operate across several platforms. Since Instagram is a place where bots cannot freely operate, you might restrict access to your Instagram account.

Making sure none of these apps can access your IG account is your best course of action. So, limit the programs to save yourself from having to wait for several hours every day as a result of IG problems brought on by your third-party apps.

You can simply do that by going into your Instagram security settings and selecting the apps you don’t want to be connecting to your Instagram.

4.     Instagram Server May Be Down

A website ( that tracks digital businesses and when they have server problems can help you determine whether the service is actually down.

Now the thing you can do is Wait of course if you don’t have anything else to do because every second spent on Instagram is important for it Any time the server is down and nobody is using the platform, IG loses a lot of money. For them, every second lost is extremely valuable. Consider how much IG would lose if they delayed an hour before bringing the system back up if you believe waiting a minute is excessive.


If you ever have the “Couldn’t create thread” issue on Instagram, stop attempting to direct message other people and wait for 24 hours (or longer) for it to be fixed.

  • It isn’t much you can do if Instagram is down until Instagram fixes it on its end.
  • Stop attempting alternative techniques or fixes for the problem or it can get worse.
  • Wait patiently for the “cool down” period for direct messages to end.


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