India to Investigate WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy

India to Investigate WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy

Again, WhatsApp has put itself in trouble because of its new privacy update. India to investigate WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is the reason behind this trouble. The Competition Commission of India also known as CCI has ordered the complete investigation into WhatsApp’s new controversial privacy policy. According to CCI, the investigation needs to be completed within the limit of 60 days. More importantly, not only in India, but WhatsApp is facing issues all over the world because of its new controversial privacy.

The CCI’s Order, Explained as:

From the 21-page investigation order by the CCI, it can be ascertained that the primary reason for the investigation is the policy's "take-it-or-leave-it" nature. The CCI notes that:

Users have not been provided with appropriate granular choice, neither upfront nor in the fine prints, to object to or opt-out of specific data sharing terms, which prima facie appear to be unfair and unreasonable for the WhatsApp users.

The Indian watchdog (CCI) claimed that there is a lack of transparency in WhatsApp's new privacy policy. The new privacy policy is considered controversial in India. Moreover, the lawmakers in India have serious issues regarding the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. The CCI also acknowledged WhatsApp has large users in India. The CCI accused WhatsApp that due to the big position in the Indian market, the protection of Indian data is being compromised as a result.

The order of CCI also states that the privacy policy of WhatsApp allows businesses the opportunity. Regarding the business, WhatsApp gives communication access and management to third-party service providers such as Facebook. As a result, Facebook should provide these services only if the concerned business allows Facebook to process the data collected.

Response of Facebook:

Previously, Facebook the parent company of WhatsApp has been asked to give a response regarding its new policy. The response was asked way back on January 19, 2021. Facebook’s response claimed that Facebook and WhatsApp are both different legal entities. Furthermore, CCI must ask their questions and allegations to WhatsApp but not Facebook. However, apparently, Facebook is not coming in the front to defend WhatsApp, but from the inside, it has been facing serious problems. As per the parent company of WhatsApp, it has also allegations regarding its transparency Facebook is taking its steps calmly without letting someone know.

Since WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy update in 2021, it has been decreasing its value in India. Several cases have been filed against WhatsApp since 2020 almost in every big country including India. Moreover, users are switching to alternatives such as Signal and Telegram. The main issue occurs due to the privacy policy that doesn’t ensure the privacy of users.




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