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How to unmute someone on Instagram 2021?

5 steps to unmute an account on Instagram

How to unmute someone on Instagram 2021?

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform has become an addictive social media app nowadays. Therefore, every single person in your high school, college, university, or your job partner has an account on Instagram. As a result, you might be seeing many follow requests from several known but not close friends. Sometimes, it becomes annoying to see frequently stories or posts that too of someone who is not too close with you.

Probably, the best option could be directly unfollowing that account and remove him/her as a follower. Moreover, in some cases, you didn’t want to let anyone know that you are being bored after seeing regular posts and stories. In this case, muting is the best option. In this way, no notification will go to that person once you have restricted that particular account.

Furthermore, in some cases, you want to unmute a specific account on Instagram because you might be by mistake mute that specific account, or after some time you want to see their content (stories, posts, etc) again for some reasons.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you the process of how to unmute someone on Instagram. Hence, unmuting someone on Instagram is just a few steps away.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the process of unmuting an account of a photo-sharing application.

Here’s how to unmute an Instagram Profile:

For your convenience, we’ve divided this process into 5 simple steps. Let’s begin the step-by-step process.

  1. Step 1:- Search a Profile:

Search a profile you want to unmute by scrolling down at the button at the application.

  1. Step 2:- Type the username in the search bar:

Type the username in the search bar, which will appear at the top of the screen. Then, choose the profile of whom you want to unmute it on the blogging application.

  1. Step 3:- Tap on the “Following” button:

There’s a “Following” option under the bio, which will open a menu of options. Therefore, choose this button.

  1. Step 4:- Select the “Mute” option:

The next step to unmute the account in the app is selecting the option of “Mute”.

  1. Step 5:- Tap on the blue button

Once you’ve selected the “Menu” option, click on the blue button and bring it back to its original position.

Besides this, there will also come the options of selecting whether to unmute stories, posts, or both. If you’re willing to unmute the whole account, you’ll need to unselect both options.

That’s it! That’s the procedure to unmute a particular account on Instagram.

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REMEMBER!!! Muting is different from unfollowing someone because that specific account will get a notification. Moreover, this is a step-by-step guide on smartphones, however, in the case of the Instagram desktop version; things are quite similar too.


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